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Soy Sefaradí: A Concert Celebrating The Jews of Spain
The Sephardic Latin Connection
Nicole Murad, Vocalist
Pablo Zinger, Piano

Sephardic Jews settled in the territory of today’s Spain as long as 2,000 years ago. In 1492 they were given the “choice” of converting or leaving. Nicole Murad is a dulcet toned, classically trained singer, who traces her Sephardic lineage back to 1492 Toledo, Spain. Her award winning program, Soy Sefaradí: Celebrating the Jews of Spain brings to life traditional Sephardic melodies trasmitted from generation to generation in the beautiful Ladino language - a dialect of old Spanish - featuring stories of love, death and nostalgia for a lost life.

She is joined by Uruguayan born veteran pianist, conductor and composer, Pablo Zinger, a renowned expert on Spanish and Latin American music of Ashkenazi descent. His parents left Poland/Ukraine in 1939 and his grandparents were murdered by the Germans. Together they infuse the songs of the Sephardim with influences from Tango, classical, Latin and much more. Their voice and piano program includes informative and entertaining commentary by the artists.

In addition to their fully Sephardic program, Nicole and Pablo present Our Jewish Heritage: A World of Ladino and Yiddish songs, an hommage to their diverse Jewish heritage, exploring the impact of Jewish culture in Spain, Eastern Europe and the Americas, and Echos of Spain, a celebration of mainstream Spanish music including songs by Manuel De Falla, Joaquín Rodrigo and many others.

Soy Sefaradí: A Concert Celebrating The Jews of Spain
Nicole Murad, Vocalist
Eric B. Davis, Guitar

Performed alongside world class guitarist, Eric B. Davis, Soy Sefaradi: A Concert Celebrating the Jews of Spain, brings to life traditional Sephardic melodies and the beautiful Sephardic language of Ladino. Through a rich classical Spanish sound and genuine and passionate interpretations, Soy Sefaradi will take you on a journey through time as you explore an oral tradition that has survived over 500 years.


1. Tuned Piano with Piano Bench (If not available at the venue, we can bring an electric piano)

2. PA system

3. MICS: 1 Vocal mic (Shure SM57 and SM58 (BETA) or similar on boom stand)

4. Stage monitors: 2 or 3 on short risers (2-3") or wooden spacers

5. 1 stool

6. 2 music stands

7. Stage lighting (to be specified by Lighting Designer, customized for each venue)

8. Two changing rooms if possible

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