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"An outstanding duo!"
- Andrew Lee, Director of Puffin Cultural Forum, NJ

" A wonderful duo. Her voice and his masterful guitar playing totally entranced our audience. We can't wait to have them back for another exciting evening."
- Stacy Cohen, Chair Cultural Arts Committee, Temple Israel, NY

"A marvelous performance of authentic Ladino music. The duo is outstanding! They will have you singing along whether or not you are familiar with this dialect...a joyful experience!"
- Joy Zacharia Appelbaum, Audience Member and Historian/Ladino Speaker

"Mesmerizing. Truly magical. I was on cloud nine for the entire evening."
- Richard Leder, Esq., Audience Member

"An intense, beautiful and tasteful singer with delightful, expressive, brilliant singing performances. She has these Ladino songs in her blood and she engulfs and reveals her deep connection to them...brilliant instrumental and artistic collaborators...I recommend highly."
- Marni Nixon, Soprano

"Approaches the tradition (Sephardic/Ladino) with respect and sensitivity"
- Rabbi Mitchell Serels, NY

"A baptism by this day her performance gives me chills"
- Alexander Rovang-Conductor, NYC

"Every sound...thrilling, vibrant, and beautiful"
- Rich Stout-Conductor, NYC

"First rate...a wonderful talent"
- J.B Davis-Stage Director, NYC

"A beautiful instrument with large range and flexibility"
- Elaine Rinaldi-Conductor, NYC

"An extremely talented singer and performer"
- Joost Van Berge-Singer, Actor, Stage Director, NYC


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