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"Dan DeChellis is a pianist with plenty to say, covering a broad emotional spectrum while creating music that speaks clearly, succinctly and directly to the mind, body, and soul." AllAboutJazz

“DeChellis and his crew make deceptively simply sounds that are actually deceptive on several levels, and you might always be guessing as to what’s really going on here. A sure bet to make the egghead top ten list, this is sitting down jazz with angles and switchbacks that won’t leave you in dead ends but leave you far from where you started out.“ Midwest Record, Chris Spector

“DeChellis produces some of the most melodic jazz of the year here, buttery melodeis that nonetheless also come with a real kick, thanks to that masterful rhythm section. Best of all, DeChellis doesn't play too much, and has a superb way of utilizing the space between notes to enhance the effect of his work.” Enterprise News, Best Jazz Albums 2012

“Here and elsewhere, Herbie Hancock's imprint is obvious, as is a strong western classicism. This is not to suggest that DeChellis is simply channeling Hancock, but more a matter of building his own unique voice through the iconic pianist's influence.” AllAboutJazz

“DeChellis plays solo at many points, as if he needed time by himself to work out his feelings. It is as if he is calming himself with the quiet, earnest beauty of his keyboard. My Age of Anxiety” is devoted to melody. Whether or not any of it is improvised, it is tightly arranged without any loose ends. The group seems to be bringing the music from within themselves and leaving nothing to chance. DeChellis may have suffered an age of anxiety, but he gives listeners an uplifting feeling of hope.” Dave Howell, The Morning Call

“Laid-back jazz that is melancholy yet soothing to the soul. DeChellis plucks away with precision…a solid effort from a talented group of musicians.” Dustin Schoof, Lehigh Valley Live

“Heart and soul expressed through music is the impression I got after listening to pianist Dan DeChellis. Dan lets himself get deep, deep in his musical compositions.” JazzReview

“My surprise is compounded by joy and gratitude at coming across such an assured yet at times quite fragile performance. This is just great jazz for anyone with an interest in modern jazz music. I guess aficionados of piano trio will already be well aware of Dan DeChellis.” Bad Bear Blues

“…masterful improvisation…full of interesting musical concepts…”AllAboutJazz

“Substantial and engaging” American Music Guide

“Cerebral/visceral music…”Cadence

“Architecture and structure..” La Folia

past performances:
Allentown Symphony Hall Jazz Series, Allentown, PA
Musikfest, Bethlehem, PA
New Langton Arts, San Francisco, CA
Scullers, Boston, MA
Roulette, NYC
Knitting Factory, Main Space, NYC
ShapeShifter Lab, NYC
The Lillypad, Boston, MA
The Autumn Uprising, Boston, MA
Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA
The Lafayette Jazz Bar, Easton, PA
World Cafe Live (MainStage), Philadelphia, PA
Chris' Jazz Cafe, Philadelphia, PA
Puck, Doylestown, PA

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