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Keyboardist extraordinaire Jason Miles, who has worked with everyone from Miles Davis and Luther Vandross to Ivan Lins, and turntable guru DJ Logic, who has collaborated with such diverse artists as Phish, Vernon Reid, ?uestlove and Don Byron, join forces on Global Noize, to create free-wheeling tracks that take listeners on a wide-ranging journey on their first CD, with innovative guests such as Me'Shell NdegéOcello, Billy Martin (Medeski, Marin & Wood), Vernon Reid (Living Color), John Popper (Blues Traveler), Cyro Baptista, Karl Denson and Christian Scott.

Global Noize is a project that has long been brewing in Miles' mind but the idea was solidified when he got a call from his friend DJ Logic to join him for a performance at the Blue Note in NY. "On that day I had a horrible root canal and was mourning the loss of a close relative. I thought that this could be just the tonic I needed to pick myself up," recalls Miles. The night was exactly what Miles had hoped and from this experience he knew that he and Logic had a special connection. The duo later worked together in Morocco at The Casablanca Jazz Festival and had the opportunity to venture off to Marrakech. Miles shares, "We went through life-altering experiences. It was so new to us - mysterious, crazy and another view of the world. We both knew we had to make this project happen. The picture on the CD over of the both of us with the camel in the desert says it all!"

Global Noize, which DJ Logic describes as "a hip and eclectic musical journey crossing all boundaries," is an organic, free-spirited sonic brew of some of the best elements of jazz, funk, electronica and world fusion – it is music without borders. Miles says, "We started with Cyro Baptista and Billy Martin jamming in the studio and built up the tracks from there. Logic and I pooled our musical resources and had some of the best cutting-edge artists play on the record." From the album's opening track, "A Jam 4 Joe" (dedicated to the late piano/keyboard wizard Joe Zawinul) to its concluding statements on "What I Know," Global Noize takes listeners on a mind-bending, global adventure featuring all original compositions.

In 2011, Global Noize will have a new album release. It's called A Prayer For The Planet. It reflects the feeling the group has on the state of our planet in the 21st century. It features some of the great cutting edge artists of our time and further explores the Global Groove that was created on the first Global Noize album. From Falu's sensuous vocals on the title track and her amazing control of her voice on "Charismalove" and "Wanna B With You" to the fantastic performances of Karl Denson, Jeff Coffin, Oz Noy, Mocean Worker, Mailka Zarra, Lica Cecata and others, this is a true album for the 21st century. Jason Miles and DJ Logic have crafted a truly imaginative and compelling album without sacrificing the groove, melody and innovation that was brought to the first Global Noize CD. It is accompanied by an amazing image - (see poster in the Photos section).

A Prayer For The Planet will be released in Europe in late April on BHM/Art of Groove records, followed by a release in the United States and other countries.

The Group now has Indian vocal diva Falu as a full-time member. Many great world-class musicians and artists have performed with Global Noize. Fred Wesley, Eric Krasno, Billy Martin, Cyro Baptista, Jeff Coffin, Ian Neville, Oteil Burbridge, Karl Denson, Adam Deitch, George Porter Jr., and Christian Scott are just a few. The group has played in many great venues and festivals—Aspen Jazz, Monterey Jazz Festival, Berks Jazz Festival, and Jazz Fest New Orleans, to name just a few. Global Noize makes it easy for artists and musicians from wherever they perform to participate in their performance. It is one of the goals of the group to perform in countries all over the world and have local and national artists perform with them as special guests.

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Jason Miles



DJ Logic: Turntables

Jason Miles: Keyboards

Falu: Vocals

Amanda Ruzza: Bass

Jay Rodriguez: Saxophone, Flute

Adrian Harpham: Drums

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