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One artist stands out above rest and has a style that can be appreciated by people from many different walks of life. His music is very versatile and he incorporates many different styles in every album he does. Fenix claims,”with my music you’ll never be confined by one sound, because every song I make is different form the next.” He has done a lot of music since he was released from DOC, but his music career didn’t start there. Fenix used to watch his mom write rhymes, although she tried to keep him away from the rap scene and focused on school, his heart was always in music. It was only a matter of time before he realized he had the gift of being a rap star. Fenix’s mother signed his first contract with Music Buster Entertainment when he was only 10 years old. Armed with a business mindset and a dream of being a rap star he began making music. By the time Fenix was 14 he started getting in trouble with the local law enforcement and his path quickly changed. “I started going in and out of prison at a young age and it was like being stuck in a time capsule where my only escape was my music.” said Fenix. Soon after recording his first album Fenix was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree robbery and sentenced to five years in prison.

While in prison Fenix began writing music and meeting people with the same dream as him. It was here that he learned most about himself as an artist. During his time incarcerated he studied business and tried to learn as much information about the music industry as he could. He also worked on starting his own label and performing for fellow inmates who in turn would keep him connected with the outside world. Prison can change you for the better or worse but thankfully it didn’t kill his dream, but instead made him want it even that much more. Still incarcerated at 17 years old, his mother, Deanna Wesley, was killed by a serial killer in Baton Rouge, La and the murder still remains unsolved. This had a devastating impact on the way he viewed life. Fenix says, “ my mother leaving this earth so soon really made me understand that nothing in this life is promised. I knew in that moment that I would never take my musical gift from God for granted again.”

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