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The Saga Of Psychedelic Elders

Our story begins in the year 1969, when an up-and-coming quartet of musicians called Psychedelic Youth were poised to make their mark on the music world as an opening act at the legendary Woodstock Music and Arts Festival. As fate would have it, on the weekend before Woodstock, the band decided to take a "three hour tour" of the Caribbean Islands. Alas, our friends were caught in a vortex in the Bermuda Triangle and ended up in the lost city of Atlantis. As it turned out, the Atlantean people loved psychedelic music, especially Donovan (who, it is rumored, may have actually been born there), so naturally, they loved Psychedelic Youth's music. The band instantly rose to the top of the charts and stayed there until recently, when they returned to our world. Although it seemed to the band that only a few years had gone by, Atlantis exists between dimensions outside of normal space and time and 45 years had passed.
Upon returning, the band realized they could no longer call themselves Psychedelic Youth, as they had lost their immunity to the ravages of time and aged 45 years immediately. The band changed their name to Psychedelic Elders and have returned to our world to restore good vibes through their music to the world of today.


Psychedelic Elders is a rock/pop band playing new original music in the style of the classic Psychedelic Era. The band is based in South Jersey and plays primarily in the Tri-State PA-NJ-DE areas. The band consists of five musicians who have played in the area and are dedicated to entertaining our audience while spreading a positive message and good feelings to everyone who hears the music.

The band members are:

Griff Kinsey- Keyboards and Lead Vocals
Joe Scorza- Guitars and Backing Vocals
Campin' Patty- Bass Guitars and Backing Vocals
Albert Fortino- Drums (as of July 2016)
Tony "Bones" Corrao- Drums and Percussion (1952-2016) d. April 2016

Jim Molinaro- Horns, Flutes, Saxophone (Guest Performer)

Psychedelic Elders is available to play at all live venues, including club dates and showcases, all charity benefit events, indoor and outdoor music/arts festivals, and just about any event or venue that is looking to provide good live music for their audience. We are confident that your audience will be thoroughly entertained by Psychedelic Elders.
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