Devil Or Angel
The Clovers sing Devil Or Angel at the Avalon Theatre in 2012

Love Potion No. 9
A giant hit for The Clovers in 1959, it was used in the sound track to American Graffiti, and in 1992 was the title of a movie starring Sandra Bullock, another native Washingtonian. Recorded live in Myrtle Beach SC, vocals by Johnny Mason again. Sorry, no video for this one, but too good a soundtrack to leave out!

Devil Or Angel
Patter by Steve Charles and vocals by Antwaan Drayton recorded live in Sept. 2011 at the Dirty Dancing Festival. Many people think that Antwaan resembles Clovers' founder Harold Lucas. We agree!

The Love I Lost
The Clovers sing The Bluenotes' hit "The Love I Lost". Vocals by Steve Charles, also invited into the act by founder Harold Lucas 30 years ago! The Clovers request that the next time you see The Bluenotes, please ask them to sing some Clovers

Down In The Alley
This Clovers' blues hit is sung by Johnny Mason, who was invited into the group by Clovers' founder Harold Lucas over 40 years ago. Live at the 2011 Dirty Dancing Festival

Don't Play That...
Not really a video, just a graphic audio for The Clovers' version of Don't Play That Song, half of a two-sided Beach Music hit on Ripete Records in 1988
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