Linda Boston and Permission: The Power Of Being


...CHANGE IS HERE! From Jackie Moms Mabley to Ella Fitzgerald to Phyllis've seen the ancestors through her spirit...her performances. If you attended the Voices Of Consciousness Tribute in March 2012 at the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit, you saw a performance by Linda Boston. As "Odetta", she embodies the spirit, wisdom and enlightenment of ancestral power. Many have been waiting for a CD from Linda Boston. TODAY, IT'S READY FOR THE TAKING, produced by Multi-Platinum, Smooth Jazz artist Randy Scott. Visit for more information or get it on line via Amazon, ITunes or CDBaby TODAY!

PERMISSION LIVE one (1) several video performances of Linda Boston LIVE. This is a snippet of the live showcase PERMISSION: The Power Of Being. Feel free to visit MAAT Productions and LBBisblessed YouTube Channel,,, Twitter @permission2012 or call 248-837-5936 for more information.

PERMISSION: The Power Of Being concert is INTERACTIVE and guaranteed to be THOUGHT PROVOKING. Visit YouTube for LBBisblessed Channel and see the ENTIRE PLAYLIST of performances. From acting to singing to showcasing all of what Linda Boston does, contact MAAT Productions at 248-837-5936, or visit!!!
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