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Tired of bands with big hair, glam, make-up, and costumes? Then 3 Cent Genius is your kinda band! With years of musical knowledge and talent to spare, this powerhouse quartet reminds us that the music should come first.

3 Cent Genius is based out of Ft. Smith, AR. They perform originals and hit rock covers from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. 3CG is currently writing an original album due to be finished late summer 2011. 3 Cent Genius is fronted by the amazing singer/guitarist Gabe Cunningham who rose to popularity in the late 90’s with the band “Sixth Wind”. Accompanying vocalist/guitarist Lee Yandell of “Stomphonic” pushes the boundaries of singing with his incredible vocal range and compliments Gabe with a pleasant contrast. 3 Cent Genius’s rhythm section creates a wall of sound that was once penetrated by an armor-piercing round. Though, that was never officially proven! Of course we’re talking about the sound created by Damon Shores(Bass) and Mike Martin(Drums). This rhythm section is second to none! AMAZING!!!

Come hear what everyone is talking about…3 Cent Genius Rocks!!!

3 Cent Genius is currently booking live music venues, festivals, casinos, weddings, private parties, and acoustic sets. 3CG also provides a light show at request. Contact us for more info.

Gabriel William Cunningham was born June 18th, 1978 in Fort Smith, AR. Music played a major role in Gabe’s life at a very young age especially during the break-up of his parents. Moving back and forth between his parents, Gabe ended up in Poteau, OK spending most of his time playing his dad’s guitar and meeting new people. With his “meet and greet” attitude, Gabe put together various bands along the way. At age 14, he was performing throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma. By age 16, Gabe was performing in Dallas, TX. By this time, vocals had become a part of his growing arsenal and knowledge. Shortly after high school, Gabe put together the group, “Sixth Wind” while writing originals regularly and working on his first professional recording in Nashville, TN with Tom Harding. (Tom Harding is a well known producer who has worked with “ZZ Top”, “Dolly Pardon”, and “Deanna Carter”)
While very unhappy with some issues among the Sixth Wind members, Gabe turned to a local powerhouse group known as “Stomphonic” playing the lead guitar and assisting with writing originals. This is where current 3¢G members Damon Shores (Bassist) and Lee Yandell (Guitar and Vocals) joined forces with the group. With James Webb on drums and JR Rodriguez on vocals, Stomphonic performed at showcases and many shows in the southern region turning heads everywhere they went.
Abruptly, the band was placed on stand-by with the cancer diagnosis given to Vocalist JR Rodriguez. The rest of the group continued playing under the name, “Ollies Trashcan”. One very sad day came in September when the guys received the news of JR’s passing. Not only was this devastating to the band members, but to an entire community far and wide. Ollies Trashcan continued their passion for making music. Shortly after, there were a few musician changes and ultimately a short break for the group. This gave the band time to revaluate their direction and re-focus.
In June 2010, while collaborating on a new project, Gabe pursued a sought after drummer by the name of Mike Martin. With a little patience and a lot of passion, Gabe had finally pieced together his “dream group” consisting of Mike Martin (drums), Damon Shores (Bassist), and Lee Yandell (Guitar and Vocals). “3¢ Genius” was born. 3¢ Genius instantly gained local support from fans and followers. The band is eager to start writing and travel as soon as possible. 3¢ Genius is a band full of smiles and potential.

Lee Yandell was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Lee became interested in music at a very young age. He began singing with his mother’s records at age 3 and 4. A few years later, he began playing melodies on his grandmother’s piano by ear. In Jr. High, he picked up the saxophone and became one of the top players in the state. After high school, he received a scholarship to the University of Arkansas (Fort Smith) performing in the marching band and wind symphonies. Lee’s first year of college was spent as a music major. He excelled in music theory and especially in “ear training”. Although he changed majors, he still studied music and performed in various ensembles.
In 2001, Lee was invited to join the heavy modern rock band “Stomphonic”, to play guitar and sing back-up vocals. After achieving great local and regional success, the band was forced to “re-group and evolve” following the diagnosis of vocalist “JR Rodriguez”. In the new version of the band, dubbed “Ollies Trashcan”, Lee took more vocal duties and was a great compliment to Gabe Cunningham’s voice singing back-up harmonies and leads.
In the wake of Ollies Trashcan’s break-up, Lee stayed in close contact with Gabe Cunningham and former Stomphonic bassist Damon Shores. The three long time friends recruited Mike Martin on drums to form “3¢ Genius” in June 2010.

Damon Shores was born October 10th, 1978. He started on keyboard/piano and mandolin at age 6. Damon first started playing bass in church at age 7. Later, he realized that bass was more exciting. Damon played on “borrowed” basses till receiving his own with help of a good friend, Wincell Akin. He eventually formed a southern gospel band with Wincell and played for several years in their church. Damon also joined a local Christian rock group by the name of, “Scourge”.
In 1998, Damon started playing in clubs with various local acts. These bands include, “Pounder”, “Stomphonic”, and “Ollies Trashcan”. Damon stepped out of Ollies Trashcan to pursue a potential band in Vancouver, WA. Shortly after moving to Washington, Damon realized that his new band wasn’t exactly what they had promised to be. Damon moved back to Fort Smith, AR and continued pursuing music. In June 2010, Damon was asked to start a new project with Gabe Cunningham, Lee Yandell, and Mike Martin. 3¢ Genius was born.

Michael Charles Martin was born on August 29th, 1984 to parents Jimmie and Linnie Martin of Shady Point, OK. At age 5, Mike’s father bought him a Ludwig drumset. He showed Mike how to keep basic time and rhythm. From there, Mike started to learn on his own, listening to old cassette tapes and mimicking the drum patterns. He realized he had a talent for the drums.
At age 11, Mike became involved with High School Marching Band & Orchestra. (7yrs Total) Shortly after graduation, Mike joined a touring country act known as “The Asphalt Cowboys”. Mike played the Ameri-Star Casino Circuit and various clubs from New Mexico to Florida under Milam Booking. After 1 ½ yrs of performing on the road, Mike came back home. While working on his families’ farm, he formed multiple bands and was a temporary fill-in musician for many bands around the Arkansas/Oklahoma area. These acts include…”Chasing The Sphere”, “The Bannister Brothers”, “Milestone”, “South 40”, “Gamis”, “Hedtripp”, and “Ollies Trashcan”.
At this point in time, Mike has played bluegrass, country, blues, funk, soul, pop, jazz, rock, progressive rock, and metal. In June 2010, Mike teamed up with former songwriter and vocalist/guitarist of “Sixth Wind” -Gabe Cunningham, former vocalist/guitarist of “Stomphonic”, -Lee Yandell, and former bassist of “Stomphonic”, -Damon Shores to form a powerhouse band of musicians now known as “3cent Genius”. This group expects to hit the road early 2011.

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