Flashy Inc Clothing Styles for those who love Dizzy Wright


Flashy Inc "Featured Video T-shirts" will be available July 1st!

Flashy Inc. Clothing was created by original members of Flashy Inc., which included Dizzy Wright's younger brother K'Vonn Semaj and his 2 close friends Antoine Hunter and Greg Turner. Originally it was K'Vonn that came up with the concept for the t-shirts that Dizzy would wear in his videos. But when it became apparent that his designs were becoming hot commodities, the three of them began putting much more thought into creating each of the designs for the next t-shirt that they would present to the then up & coming rap star. As Dizzy’s rap career began to sky rocket so did the demand for the t-shirts he would wear in each video. Today, there is now a line of “Featured Video T-shirts” that is now available for sale via the internet and also at some of the tour dates on the upcoming “SmokeOut Conversations” Tour.

There is also a plan for a full line of other t-shirts and hoodies that will be available in the fall of the year. And you know if Dizzy Wright is sportin' it, phasho it will have plenty of swagg bruh. Stay tuned, Flashy Inc. is up in here!
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