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The Freestylers of Piping is an exciting new group comprised of four members: two pipers, Elijah Woolcott and David Duncan, and two percussionists, Richard Baughman and Michael Huebner. United by a passion for bagpiping and drumming, yet held together by a thirst for artistic creativity and musical experimentation, the result of this unique collaboration is a quartet whose approach to traditional instruments is as contemporary and diverse as the musical backgrounds of its four members.

Ranging in stylistic influences from percussion ensemble to contemporary pop, from hip-hop rhythms to hardcore punk, from be-bop jazz to modern pipe band arrangements, The Freestylers’ innovative musical style holds up to its namesake. It is free from a particular style while constantly pushing the envelope. It is excitingly contemporary without ever fully turning its back on its roots.

Join these four innovative musicians on a journey into a world yet to be discovered that is filled with harmonic experimentation, odd time-signatures, creative improvisations, and just a touch of the familiar. Enter the unique musical world of The Freestylers of Piping.
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