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New Release Disobey Released July 27

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Song List

Playing With Fire
Why Do They Lie
My Baby Loves Rock And Roll
Fake News
Government Slave
Free The Captives


The Refuser’s incendiary new album, fueled by the insanity of the Trump era, social injustice, congressional corruption and the gap between the haves and have nots– is an epic call to refuse to accept the messed up way things are, fight back and yes, Disobey.

The Refusers drive their manifesto with some kick-ass rock and roll that commands our attention. The band of top flight musicians includes Michael Belkin (guitars/songs/lead vocals), keyboardists Eric Robert who has performed with Keb’ Mo’, Joe Doria (who contributes a powerhouse B-3 organ solo on “Eruption”), drummer Brendan Hill from Blues Traveler and bassist/vocalist Steve Newton.

Belkin’s lyrics are tight, on point, blistering and incisive rages against the machine that controls us. On the incendiary opening track “Playing With Fire,” he points out the oxymorons that define the U.S.: “Freedom is slavery/Ignorance is strength/War is Peace/Big Brother’s Calling/Nation of sheep/Playing with Fire.” The soulful rock/funk jam “Eruption” lays out what’s hopefully coming: “Gonna Be an eruption/Too much corruption/headed for disruption.” Then on the scorching blues/rock title track, he gives an order which he seriously hopes protesters of all stripes will be singing and chanting as they continue to beg for wrongs to be righted and those who dominate to go down: “Disobey! What’d I say? Disobey! Don’t fade away/Disobey! How dare they? They’ve got you caged/Take off the chains.”

Belkin and The Refusers rail against Big Pharma’s opioid massacres (‘Why Do They Lie?”), the fact that we’re “Government Slaves,” economic inequities between the fat cats and the poor falling further behind (“Free The Captives”) and of course, our pathetic addiction to the “Fake News” corporately run media organizations feed us. There is respite and hope, however in “Emancipation” and especially the rollicking “My Baby Loves Rock and Roll,” which playfully knocks rap while asserting the enduring power of rock and roll.

Belkin, the band’s founder, songwriter, producer, lead singer and guitarist, muses, “An album called Disobey by a group called The Refusers – you can’t get any more defiant than that, and that is exactly what rock and roll is supposed to be. We embody that classic spirit of defiance that defines rock in any era!”

The Refusers have performed at The Bottle Rock Festival in Napa opening for the Black Keys and Kings of Leon and at Seattle venues such as The Crocodile and Seattle Center.

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Nine parts rock and roll—one part punk. A controlled burn. Rage on a tap. The Refusers third studio album, Disobey, bitches and moans for the sake of the people, but does it with tasteful musical chops. Classic rock guitar riffs, sharp on-point percussion and bass, tasteful organ backdrops, and, of course, Belkin’s vocal timber—which could be described as some twisted hybrid of Ozzy and Bon Scott, all culminate to create an end-product that is both culturally relevant, and entertaining. If you’re compelled by rock with a political twist, I invite you to raise your fist right along with The Refusers.



Disobey is the infectiously energizing new album from hard rockers The Refusers. It’s loaded with songs that boldly bring together nostalgia and now, with impressive, expressive musicianship at every turn.



“The Refusers are one of the best indie rock bands plying their trade today ... Disobey is a call to arms, but it’s an immensely artful collection as well ... crackling with rock and roll spirit ... musical excellence … The production frames the package in a physical package that has equal parts intelligence and attitude bubbling up from every line in the track. This new album will further solidify the band’s position as one of the most individualistic rock acts working today.”



There’s enough of a mix in styles on the album to make Disobey one of the finest rock albums you’ll hear in 2018



Eight years since their formation, it’s becoming increasingly clear The Refusers can lay claim to being one of the best indie rock bands working today.



The Refusers write, record, and perform songs bristling with the sort of passion you don’t find much of in modern music. They are engaged with their world and the nine songs on their new album promise to be gripping additions to their live set; in fact, they seem geared for that purpose alone.



The EP perfectly crafts a thought-provoking defiance that will surely make listeners not only contemplate the new social norms, but also want to take action against the growing oppression.



This is a great album fighting back against government B.S. If you’re sick of it, you’ll love this 5-star album due out sometime this year.



one of the more solid rock releases in recent history



While the craziness of these times will make most listeners gravitate towards the provocative messages, The Refusers drive their manifesto with some kick-ass rock and roll that equally commands our attention ... a group of wicked awesome talent and years of service to “The People”…. Viva La Revolution!



What can fans expect from your latest release, Disobey? Tell us about the writing process behind this work.

MB: Media, corporate, and government social engineers emit a carefully-crafted stream of manipulative propaganda. It’s all based on obedience. You are supposed to be like a trained dog who rolls over and does tricks on command: Obey. Buy this product, fight this war, take this pill. This album is titled Disobey. We want you to think for yourself. Don’t be a tool. All the songs have that theme.



Michael Belkin