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Hey Phil,
Please tell all your band members that all my friends and family told me they loved your band. I was super happy myself. You all really made it great!

We really enjoyed having you!
Kelly Barfoot, The Angry Orchard

You have the best MUSICAL and SINGING band up here in the Hudson Valley. I love to dance to Motown and Do Wop. I am from that era. I use to go to discos in the city where I originally came from good old Brooklyn NY (East New York).... Thank you for your wonderful talent
-- Judy G.

AMAZING Band! Great dance sets, intuitive and flexible! The female vocalists really hold it down in a very funky and soulful way...Phil Nester was communicative and lovely to work with!
-- Carol

"The bandís three featured front singers are Angie Moger, Madelene Phalen, and Bobby Jimenez, who take turns singing great soul classics while getting the crowd to join in the fun."
-- Reneť Ruwe, Hudson Valley Press

"Would you please thank everyone in Soul City for helping to make my daughter's wedding such a festive occasion. All the guests loved the band, proven by the fact that the dance floor was always full. You accommodated our special requests beautifully.
When Shira tasked me to help get the music together for her wedding, I knew I had the an easy job as long as I could get Soul City to do the gig.- Eric E.

"I wanted to thank you for helping us with our world-class party. You have no idea how many of our friends and relatives raved about how excellent the band was. Thank you so much!
- Nancy and Farrukh"

"Iíve been at Mohonk for 8 years now and Iíve never seen so many people in particular on NYE in the Lake Lounge as I did this year. You guys were (as always) absolutely fantastic!
Soul City Rocks!" - Courtney Stockdale, Mohonk Mountain House Entertainment Manager

"Amazing show last night at Keegan Ales. People were dancing their rear ends off." - Vincent B.

"We had SUCH a good time!!! Can't wait until December 14th!!" - Darya P.

"Like? Where's the love button? I had so much fun dancing to every song you played! You guys are great!" - Maya J.


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