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1) Please be sure to enter your webname/username EXACTLY as you entered it when you created an account. That means no spaces and case sensitive.

2) Please note: ePresskitz only supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer and Firefox. Other browsers may exhibit incorrect behavior.

If you are an Internet Explorer user and you are having trouble logging into ePressKitz.com it may be because your default privacy or security settings have been altered to custom settings. Please add us to the sites you accept cookies from and you will be able to log in easily. Here's how:

1) Click on "Tools" in Internet Explorer
2) now select "Internet Options"
3) Now click the "Privacy" tab at the top
4) and click on the "sites" button and type in epresskitz.com and click "allow" and then "OK" as needed.
5) Then please relaunch Internet Explorer and try again to login.

If you are still having problems please:

6) click again on "internet Options"
7) click on "security"
8) click on "Security"
9) click on "trusted Sites" at the top
10) set allowed levels to "Low"
11) Restart IE.

You can also download FireFox for free from the web and have none of these IE problems and better surfing security :)