The Elements


Slovak Rock band The Elements is known mostly for their dynamic, slightly progressive songs which make no audience calm. The band came into existence in 2001, when local choir put together its founding members: Stanislav Svantner (electric guitar), Peter Sulek (bass guitar) and Martin Sulek (drums). It was short before Dusan Veverka (keys) joined the club.

First louder message of The Elements to the public was releasing their first album Out Of The Dark, which defined their musical direction. Its rock music full of life and positive energy, yet deep and hearty. As for guys, music became part of their every days life as well as the mean they want to reach other people by.

In July 2008 The Elements concluded their 16 months lasting studio recording, editing and mastering with co-producer Robo Cunderlik and released their second album Inner Fight For Freedom. This album is just another proof that The Elements are uncompromisingly fulfilling their music vision using experiences they gained by touring both home and abroad as well as by taking part in other musical projects. Strong melodic lines, fast solos, roaring drum parts or hard guitar riffs became distinct spice of the sound of The Elements.

The Time Is Up (2012) is the third studio album of The Elements. It provides mature, energetic and honest musical experience to all who like variety and instrumental quality in rock&roll music. The album is influenced by The Element's progressive roots, but at same time it does not hesitate to maintain simplicity when needed. The lyrics of the songs are addressing the deep questions of human life - reflected through the personal experience of band's members. The Time Is Us concludes with the master piece of bands discography epic symphonic rock composition Dont Let a Candle Be Your Sun.

The Elements is currently working on recoding their new single Lets Get Together
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