Sova Black


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Bio: Sova Black is an aspiring artist from Emporia, VA. He Raps about everyday struggles and other relatable issues. He Ties Spirituality to his music in a clever way using tons of metaphors and similes. Sova Black is signed to Death Row Ent. He is a single father of 3 beautiful kids. He has one of the most interesting takes on spirituality intertwined within his music he reels the audience in with ballads of pain and struggle but also gives hope to individuals that feel that they have been counted out or even forgotten. He took on the name Sova Black because he felt he was always the black sheep of the family and always overlooked. Sova Black went to school in a small town in Southern Virginia called Lawrenceville he played basketball and football there and graduated in 2009 from Brunswick High. Sova Black started doing music when he was 13 years old, he says his aunt bought him a laptop and a program called magix music studio and it was on from there. Throughout the years Sova Black has honed is skills as an lyricist, song writer, and vocal engineer. He had the idea in 2017 to start a label of his own, Which he later on named God Body Records. Sova Blacks music is inspired by the likes of 2Pac, Don Trip, Kevin Gates, Starlito, Dave East & Joe Budden. He calls himself a barsmith as and ode to Joe Budden. Recently the newest artist he tends to work with and are also signed to God Body Records are 917/Johnny Black, Moose, Em Ar, and Ike Ovae. His latest project is and album called Immortal, again going along the lines of tieing spirituality to the streets. Sova Black grew up in a single parent household and was raised by his mother. “My mother worked 2 and 3 jobs at a time to take care of me and my sister so needless to say I felt alone a lot, and it eventually led me to the streets”. Sova Black says he learned alot from the mistakes he had to make and is going to overcome the odds and stereotypical opinions of people in general. He incorpoprates a balance of consciousness and unconscious anger and pain which is constantly displayed in his ballads. Sova Black is a True Lyricist that delivers witty and clever bars that will definetly make a person think. “I try to be different and set myself apart from others I embrace being different and being yourself”. Sova Black is also an acronym that means southern Virginia black leader acquiring capitol & knowledge.
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