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How to Reference an Article in APA, MLA, Harvard, and AMA Arrangement?


How many times has your teacher asked you to use references and cite every source you have consulted for writing your paper?

Have you been tasked to use citations and references in your paper and also create a proper bibliography for it too? If you are an essay writer, then you must already know about these steps and you must have added references multiple times in your essays too. However, some people do not know how to properly cite the sources they use.







The answer to these questions would most certainly be yes, because you need to add sources and references of the content that you have used for your essay or paper. 

When it comes to citation and references, every article, paper, editorial, or Youtube video has its own reference style, and they are cited differently in every format. So, before learning how to add the reference of an editorial in different formats, you should know the different reference styles.



What are Reference Styles?

Reference styles are basically the format and rules that you can add to acknowledge the thoughts, work, and ideas of other people in your work or paper. It’s like you are giving credit to the other person after using their work and it is a part of successful academic writing. Even with references, you can avoid plagiarism and you can avoid the integrity of your work too.

So, it's important that you know everything about the reference styles.

Now there are multiple styles in which you can add references and it includes styles like MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, and AMA. All these styles have different conventions and rules, and you have to follow them if you want to cite the source or reference properly.

Here, you should not get confused because you do not have to choose which style you have to follow. Your teacher or the supervisor gives you instructions on which style you need to follow. Thus, you are not supposed to worry about that.



How to cite an editorial?

You know what? Every type of paper can be written in these styles so there is no need to stress.

I made a whole bibliography portion when I had to Write my essay, and I followed the APA format which was quite easy to follow. However, when it comes to documents like videos and editorials, you have to be careful in terms of the referencing and the reference style.

But you do not need to worry because I am going to tell you how you can cite documents like an editorial in your essay. You just need to stick around, and we are all set to learn more about the reference styles.



Citation of Editorial in MLA.

Editorials are quite easy to cite in MLA because it is quite similar to citing an article. The periodical and citation, or reference would be the same. You just have to add the word ‘editorial’ or ‘letter’ to identify the type of work you are citing.

For example, a reference is written like this.

Gavi The Vaccine Alliance. “COVID-19 vaccines: everything you need to know”, 22, 22 July. 2021,

For citation, you simply have to write the author’s name like (Gavi The Vaccine Alliance) and if possible, you can add a page number into it.

 This is how you write in MLA.  Isn’t it easy?



Reference of Editorial in APA

In terms of APA style, you have to follow the up to date edition of manual style like these days, the 6th edition of APA is in use.

So, here is how an essay writer can cite the editorial in the APA.

First, you need to add the author’s surname, initial name, and second name. (date). Article title. Newspaper title, number, and then go with the URL.

Such as,

Dawn News. (2021). Pandemic set to sour Nobel ceremonies again. Dawn Newspaper. Retrieved from

Citation is written as (Dawn News, 2021).

Here you have to remember one thing that is, for references, you can not get everything that is mentioned in the format. I do not have the editorial number because it was online and it didn’t have a number so I just started with the next requirement.

You have to do the same for your reference as well and do not worry about it.



Citation of Editorial in Harvard

The main content of the editorial like author name, title, and date remains the same but their arrangement changes in every style. Such as, in Harvard, you can cite editorial like this.


Dawn News. 2021 ‘Pandemic set to sour Nobel ceremonies again’, Dawn News, 24 September. Retrieved from



Citation of Editorial in AMA

You do not have to do a lot of research on this style because it is somewhat like the APA style but you just need to change some things and make other minor changes.

So, here is how you cite the editorial in AMA style.


Dawn News. Pandemic Set to Sour Nobel Ceremonies again. Dawn Newspaper. September 24, 2021. Retrieved from

So, this is how you style the editorials for your essay and if possible, you should add the ‘retrieved from’ section in every reference so that the reader can access the reference easily. If you still do not understand the citation style then you can contact a essay writing service and ask them to help you with referencing. They can either check your references for you or do it for you from scratch. In any case, you can always seek help.

Now that you know everything about citing an editorial, you should not stress when you are citing your work. Best of Luck!

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