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'There's nothing like the real thing, and the real thing in Celtic/Folk entertainment is Men of Worth. Maestros of the music, mirth and melancholy of their homelands......spellbinding performers.'
Stephen McCandless, Executive Director, Craterian Performances

"Your humor, your musicianship, and your overall performance, attracted one of the biggest crowds that we have've entertained our audience like no other performer has."
Jan Taylor, Special Events - Albany Parks & Rec.

'Truly Saturday night was an outstanding concert! From the moment you stepped onto the stage you had the audience in the palm of your hands!"
Gail Bunker, Concert Manager Dixie State College of Utah

"Your exquisite style of music captivated our town culturally and artistically. It's not often in this town we get to experience such a magnitude of musical excellence."
Doug Sheehy, Lassen County Arts

"The two of you have a unique talent and a great sense of humor which caused the audience to laugh - and laughter is great medicine and music gives us a richer and fuller life. Keep up the good work!"
Stan Wonderly, Lake Arts Council

The combination of the humor and talent of Men of Worth make them a Grand Slam!
Bonnie Kingsley, Wadena Area Concert Association

I think the entire audience felt like theyd made 2 new best friends. They were wonderful. The audience loved it.
Stan Speck, Glenwood Springs Community Concert Association

Our largest audience of the season they had been here before and were highly anticipated
Tina Price, Sweetwater County Concert Association

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