Richard Steinbach, pianist


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the gifted American pianist performed with sonorous expressivity,
consummate clarity and insightful sensitivity
Gazetta del Mezzogiorno, Bari, Italy; March 2001

Uncommon expressive naturalness
remarkable sensitivity and natural expression with
impressionistic repertoire.
Corriere del Mezzogiorno, Bari, Italy; March 2001

Steinbach moved through the [George Crumb Suite]
with meditative discipline, shaping the broken fragments
with equal doses of controlled accuracy and relaxed resonance.
The Princeton Star-Ledger; July, 2005

enormous musical imagination and a highly polished technique.
It is indeed satisfying to have ones music performed with such
sensitivity and dedication!
American Composer, George Crumb; June, 1999

a mesmerizing performance by an artist who both totally understands the composers magical world and also possesses the virtuosity to present it to us.
Any composermyself includedwould be privileged by an interpretation
as intelligent and powerful as Mr. Steinbachs.
American Composer, John Corigliano; July, 1997

a clear, concentrated, extremely intense performance!
Mr. Steinbachs direct but subtle, colorful but natural, unmannered style
was a delight to everyone in the audience.
Noel Lee, Composer/Pianist, Review of Paris Debut Recital; January, 1996

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