The John Fogerty Tribute Project

Our Story

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A long standing love for the music of Creedence Clearwater Revival and
John Fogerty. We finally decided to do something about it in collaborating on a tribute act for the music we grew up with and played throughout our musical career. Being in bands and playing the circuit of Rock, Country, Blues and Pop, it was time for something different. Something we can devote our hearts to as a team of professional musicians. It was time to separate ourselves from the rest...

What Inspires Us

Perfection, freedom and the chance to please others with this music.
It is so up-lifting to see people enjoy themselves with the songs we play.
This is what drives us to be the best we can be, and wont stop until we achieve detailed and measured success in our tribute shows.

Our Influences

All of the great Rock & Roll icons past and present. Too many to name, but all hold a special place in our development as artists. Our wide range of influences make us the musicians that we are. Well rounded, open minded and not afraid to take on any challenge

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The John Fogerty Tribute Project
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