The Drummer Loves Ballads (John Armato)

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Your new CD is fantastic! Its a thing of beauty!
Paul Keller, Diana Krall recording and touring bassist

What a sweet, sweet, beautiful album. Its just what we need to hear today!
Anne Phillips, Singer and recording artist, composer, conductor, creator of the Jazz Nativity

What a joy to hear your treatment of these beautiful tunes. From your very tasty brushwork to the swinging band, its a wonderful CD I look forward to hearing again and again.
Allen Goodman, Retired NBC staff drummer, touring and recording artist (Johnny Mathis, Peggy Lee, Liza Minnelli)

"Each song is a beautiful experience. This is an album youll play over and over for its breadth of talent."
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Basketball legend, writer, and jazz aficionado

John Armatos new album is a gem. Get it. Its tasty, soulful, straight-ahead jazz. Its sultry, its playful, its melodic; and it swings.
Jazz Ambassadors Magazine

The pleasing music of The Drummer Loves Ballads is easily recommended.
Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene

"Drummer John Armato gives an intimate and personal album on this intriguing musical journey. A nice evening by the fireside with some drums. And bring a bottle of wine."
George Harris. JazzWeekly

There is such a level of astute attention to detail going on all the way throughout this record. Its clean and powerful. And it tells a story.
Joe Dimino, Host of Neon Jazz

The elaborate packaging and website (including an animated video) reflects Armatos abundant talents. He considers the album a showcase of all his skills. It also represents a true exhibition of the citys signature sound.
Jon Niccum, The Kansas City Star


A breath of fresh air!
It is something really special!
Interludes are pure genius
I truly dug everything about it.
A creative and unique project!
A musical reminder of what's really important
Drumming is so damned compellingly tasteful!

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