Voices Of Glory - 1st Place - 2013 McDonald's Gospelfest


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Voices Of Glory
Owe Success To God

Confined in the small sanctuary of Winners church, the harmony of Voices Of Glory reverberated off the walls and with no exit the melody exploded. The synchronization of their voices is something they believe was ordained and destined by God. Voices Of Glory is comprised of Iris Moore, Maryanne Pinkey-O’Neal, and Carol Stephens, and started blending songs into one accord in 2005. “I always like to sing,” Stephens said. “In 2001 the Lord started giving me praise and worship songs.” Stephens’ husband, Henry Stephens, said one morning his wife said to him, “God gave me some songs.” He dismissed her machinations. Stephens continued writing, finally giving the songs to her husband who’d once been immersed in the music industry. He was impressed and passed the songs along to a friend who was still in the music business and was given the thumbs up.

For a time, Stephens’ songs went to other artists while she remained in the background. Slowly, her songs emerged with her melody and voice. The ladies formed a bond through one song. Moore and Stephens knew each other because they attended the same church. The song “Winner In Me” brought Pinkey-O’Neal to the group. Henry Stephens, who’d left the music industry behind more than 10 years prior, found himself back at home in the studio producing. He said both his wife and Moore, tried their voices at Winner In Me, but the sound was off. A mutual acquaintance of Henry Stephens and Pinkey-O’Neal suggested her for the song.

Henry Stephens said he couldn’t describe or identify the sound that was missing in the song, but “I just knew when I heard it, I would know it.” In one phone conversation Pinkey-O’Neal decided that she’d add her voice to the song and when Henry Stephens heard her, he knew he’d found the voice. “She started singing and we were like “that’s it,” ” Stephens said. “She brought soul to the song.” The trio’s grouping was only supposed to last through December 2005, when they would perform at a benefit concert, but according to them, God had other plans. “Our relationship blossomed,” Pinkey-O’Neal said. “After the concert we recognized that God really had a hand in this.”

Almost 4 years after Voices Of Glory was solidified, the group is featured on a compilation CD, dubbed “The Family Gospel Project.” Three of the groups seven songs have charted in Gospel USA Magazines top 30 new gospel songs from independent labels. One of their songs charted in the top 10 with “Don’t Worry About a Thang” peaking at the ninth spot, which “Winner In Me” also held late last year. Ask them about their success, and the answers vary. Stephens was skeptical, Moore knew this is where she was meant to be and Pinkey-O’Neal was supposed to be a solo artist. Pinkey-O’Neal said when she signed on she made it clear; “I’m a solo artist.” She said God spoke to her spirit. “I have something inside of me that I have to get out that God gave me to give to the world,” Pinkey –O’Neal said. She added that the group “Made me change my entire mindset.” Moore said God spoke to her at the age of 3 and told her “I was always going to have money and I would sing for him.” Her response, “Whenever you need me Lord, let me know.” Moore added that when she met the ladies, she knew.
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