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Dear Reader,

I sincerely wish to thank you for your time. Looking back, I know that everything happens for a reason, and that our paths crossing (whether I am physically present or not), is by no error.

Ive come such a long way, down a road of almosts, if you will. Still, I represent a woman of contradictions. One who is okay with her truth, whatever it may be. A woman who's unafraid to be perceived as uncouth at times and who can admit to her mistakes, like a promiscuous past or my own miseducation on love.

Yet, I speak for an Urban Sophisticate. One who would translate into fashions denim, and lace fabrics, or the cities concrete and diamond glare, because life is about two-sides to the stories we tell.

So, I AM RAIN, necessary and devastating, beautiful, and pitiful, strong and sensitive, bold and subdued, simultaneously. I am the LadyBug.

Not so much the insect, but rather a certain "ill-ness" that I hope would be infectious. I pray it would captivate and retain the hearts of all those it may come across, and that there would be no cure for it. I wish only for it to be passed along in epidemic proportions.

So... Catch it! Then, pass it on!!

I so appreciate your time.


Rain Raphael
-The LadyBug Illness-

RAIN RAPHAEL- Singer/Songwriter

Rain Raphael began her career in 2002, as the acronym R.A.I.N. (Regal Angelic Intelligent Nubian) to signify her views on her social status, vocal tone, mental state, and ethnicity, respectively. This poet, turned rapper, turned singer began her music aspirations re-vamping Hip Hop instrumentals into witty, melodic songs. As she matured, the definition of Rain became more literal, meaning "to give in abundance"; a fitting description of the multifaceted powerhouse.

In 2010, Rain became a mother, 8 years after her debut, and almost 2 years after her forced departure from music. Her son, affectionately named Legend, was born, not long after her college graduation, that year. So, with a degree in Theater Arts, and a new bundle of reasons to sing, Rain knows the Rainiacs (supporters) await the return of a woman who was once, the talk of Connecticuts thriving music scene. Rain plans to satisfy in 2012, but warnes that much has changed since 2008.

When Rains second appearance on BETs106 & Park was still relevantly fresh, it secured her an invite to co-host BETs Blaze the Stage- a summer showcase ran by Pat Charles (senior writer for 106& Park). It seemed that all she needed to do to stay lifted was promote, promote, promote.

Rain went on a campaign, starting from scratch, but using the formula shed created for herself- mixtape, DJs, Shows, New Photos, Clever Promo, More Shows, Studio, and then, Album. First, Rain created a monthly email blast to her extensive Dj list, called the Mix of the Month, getting her name out to radio stations, making friends with the pool directors of Hot 93.7 CTs No. 1 RnB Station and Power 105.1FM. The Djs would book her for shows. Next, she changed her look, removing her locks of 6 years, and began gigging. Rain then, dropped the price of her sophomore effort, to $5, just to generate units sold. Her goal was to prepare for the label meetings she anticipated, as best she could. However, paid shows (or any shows) were rare and a live set was great revenue for CTs 1rst Lady of Hip Hop and RnB Soul. The formula slowed.

Studio time prices escalated, and without the gigs Rain began recording less. Then, her manager of four years prior, Kofi -was a victim of the economic lay-off surge. Kofi Dwinfour and Rain went half on all her materials and even their living space. With him out of a job, things got more than tough, and money became the recurring issue Rain knew all too well.

Rain grew up in a pseudo-suburban neighborhood. Her home was owned by her grandmother who also owned her own home next door. However, even though Rains upbringing was in an impressive three story house, when peering from the outside, with two-Jaguars in the driveway, there was a contradiction in terms of how she lived on the inside of her home.

A drug addicted mother and her abusive marriage, was a 180 degree turn, away from her family's outer appearance. Rain can tell you how to iron your clothes while you sleep you place them flat, between the boxspring and the mattress of your bed, then get in your bed and shake your outfit out, in the morning, she would say with a giggle.

Obviously, Rain is no stranger to tightening her belt, with stories like that. However, as time passed finances got worse for Kofi and her, and music. They were forced into a 3 day move, out of their 5 Bedroom home in Stamford, CT.

Rain had no where to comfortably go. She returned to her hometown of Norwalk, to occupy her aunts love seat. With no savings, Rain enrolled herself back into Housatonic Community College fulltime, in 2009, and focused on completing her degree. Fifty dollar per hour studio sessions would be virtually impossible for the next two years. Yet, where there is a will, there is a way. Rain still pushed out beautiful music, slowly.

A lover of knowledge, college was an enjoyable experience for Rain. She commited to her studies as shed done her music, achieving the Deans List, on numerous occasions. Getting pregnant, threatened to remove her from her education, but Rain persevered through it, finally graduating in December of 2010, and Commenced in 2011.
Rain took her newest achievement and began to dive into putting her degree to work. She pursued plays and began to work with Collective Consciousness Theater Group, in her new town of residence, New Haven, CT. Things were exciting, starting a family and picking up the pieces of a very difficult twenty-four months. Inspired to rekindle her affair with music, Rain found herself wondering if her 15 minutes had passed. Or was she just weathering a storm now gone?

Finishing 2011 in the studio and writing lab, Rain is penning a project, she declares will offer listeners, "words for their most speechless moments." Scripting a third project, using better lyrics and a bolder delivery, Rain is planning an impressive resurfacing of sound. With singles like her flirtatious summer anthem, "HeartBeat", Connecticut is sure to buzz with rumors of this future star's success, once again. This time, the hope is that the buzz would extend itself into a full-fledged, global vibration.
For ,"into every life, a little Rain must fall"





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