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Mixing high power, high engery, and the annointing of the Holy Spirit is what you will witness from the performance and deliverance of God's word through music by William Myles & YPOP (Young People of Praise). Based out of Meridian, Mississippi, the group is forging their own identity in Christ. The torch is being passed to the next generation of God's kids from such a soulful and faith-filled tradition, with the expectancy of God revealing His relevance through the ministry He has imparted into the hearts of this group.

Keeping the group's mission and purpose in sight with the release of their 2nd CD, William & YPOP understand more than ever that they are called to be ambassadors, who are sold out for Christ and have to be willing to share themselves in order to reach the unreachable. The group feels in order to reach 'Generation Y' their performances have to exhibit God's goodness in an electrifying, yet spiritually uncompromising fashion for God and His message to be embraced. More importantly the group wants young people to know and understand that living holy and acceptable in God's sight was not set aside only for our grandparents. In a time when social woes, economic hardships, disparaging situations, lack of role models and guidance are so prevalent and adding to the frustrations of young people, William & YPOP hope to make positive impacts on young people through music. William & YPOP have several community based initiatives in which they have participated and currently sponsor an after-school program named 'A Chance @ Music'. 'Risk Takers' is a new program in which YPOP Ministries, Inc. and the Boys and Girls Club of Meridian have partnered on in an effort to help the youth stand on what they believe in when it goes against pop culture, peer pressure, and those things that keep us separated.

The group began as a community based outreach program sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club with 70 members and evolved into extraordinarily skilled and talented group, William Myles & YPOP. This transformation occurred after William was spiritually led in a different direction with a redefined purpose. The group has existed under its current name since 1999.

William & YPOP have shared the stage with gospel greats such as: Donnie McClurkin, Vickie Winans, Martha Munizzi, J Moss, and the Tri - City Singers. They have performed on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show, in a Verity Records Showcase, and have appeared in several gospel trade magazines. The group is currently part of TyScot Records Artists Showcase and has built a wonderfully supportive fanbase within Mississippi and hopes to expand their reach throughout the United States and abroad.

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