Kirra is a rock and roll band based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with a strong emphasis on the word �Rock� meaning �Straight up and raw� as guitarist Daxton Page puts it when referring to their new upcoming debut album titled �Run Away.� Some of the bands influences range from Chevelle, Sevendust, Tool, Godsmack, Alter Bridge, and Seether.

The band was created when guitarist, Daxton Page, left a rock school program and was interested in starting a band. �Through friends of friends, I met Zach. We jammed a few times playing cover songs like "Chop Suey", "Killing In the Name", and "Pain" by Three Days Grace, but we were looking for a full band. After a few weeks of searching on Craigslist, Ryne answered our ad and told us he could play bass and he also had a friend, Jesse, who could sing and play guitar. During our first practice together we went through the same few covers. Then once things slowed down, Jesse throughout the idea of just improvising something. Zach pulled out a solid drum beat, I had a chord progression that was in my head, Ryne laid down a bass groove, and Jesse pulled a melody out of thin air, and by the end of our first rehearsal we wrote the song "Drown" off our EP.�

The EP �Sounds from an Empty Room� which was released digitally included the song �Downfall� that immediately grabbed the attention of internet radio and social media fans worldwide. Shortly after, the band decided to continue writing for an album as lead singer Jesse Williamson recalls. �At the beginning we were just writing machines, we would write a song, practice it, throw some ideas for a new song, next practice we would work out the new song, practice the "old" new song, and this cycle continued for about 2 weeks in a row. We wrote and still write as often as we can, whether it's riffs, chorus idea, breakdown, etc. After the EP did so well, we had these extra songs for a while and we figured we should combine them for a full length record.�

�Run Away�, the bands debut LP release has a little of everything in it lyrically, but more specific is the statement they wanted to make musically. �We wanted to make a statement about overproduction in the music industry today. We wanted to prove you don't need a bunch of tricks to write good songs�, Daxton mentions. �We used 0 click-tracks, and wanted to make this as stripped down and as personal as we possibly could. I feel �Run Away� was a direct reflection of where we were musically and personally at that moment in time�.

Kirra�s first live performance show was opening for a friends band, and after playing as many gigs as they could possibly could, they found themselves being invited to open for such acts as: Sevendust, Mark Tremonti, Nothing More, 3 Doors Down, Buckcherry, Saving Abel, Nonpoint, Islander, Smile Empty Soul, Sons of Texas, The Veer Union, Kill Devil Hill, and Puddle of Mudd. �The fans have always been great to us. Its great to know that there are still fans of rock music out there. We are just four guys who love making music together, there truly is no greater feeling than writing a piece of music that you put everything into, and seeing a crowd respond to that. Its a gamble, you're putting a personal side of yourself out there. In the end, we are doing this for the love we have for rock music."

In 2016, Kirra hit the road and ended up having their most busy year of touring to date. Literally starting from day one on New Years Eve, Kirra hit the road with Saving Abel and gained a lot of traction in the midwest and west coast. When spring time came around, they gave it another go in the east coast with Saving Abel, accompanied by rock bands Smile Empty Soul and The Veer Union. By summer, Kirra had played 42 of the 48 in-land states of the US. After doing some headlining tours in the summer, Kirra got connected with Pavement Entertainment, and signed an artist distribution deal to re-release a remastered (by Phil Soussan of Ozzy Osbourne) "Run Away" on a national spectrum.

As 2017 continues on, Kirra went into the Sonic Palace recording studio in Chicago to re-record their track, "Downfall", and release it as their brand new single under Pavement records. After being introduced into the radio airwaves, "Downfall" reached #29 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator Charts and is still climbing. Kirra is currently out on the road touring the country; they have tours coming up in the Summer with Tantric and in the Fall with Soil and Saving Abel.

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