Dear God, We Need To Talk by Darren Schalk


Why doesnt God work on my schedule? And other burning life questions resolvedkind of.

Have you ever wondered why it rains on Saturdays or why bad things happen to good people? Darren Schalks new book, Dear God, We Need to Talk (Passio 2014) helps readers explore their toughest questions about God, with a resolve of confidence in Gods sovereignty.

If we could just figure God out, lifeas well as faithwould be so much easier. But life and faith arent easy. Schalk takes this challenge head on as he ponders everyday events, and then filters it all through a modern but biblical worldview in a delightfully witty and honest way.

Many times God asks us to do things outside the realm of what the world would dub as sanity. But Ive come to realize that sanity is all in the eye of the beholder, Schalk writes. I dont fully understand God or His ways, and I probably never will. I guess this book is, in some way, my attempt to figure Him out. Its futile, I supposekind of like chasing the windbut fun nevertheless.

Each chapter ends with interactive, thought-provoking questions that will cause readers to ponder their own lives, and smile with humility at the realization of how little we understand about God.

But we dont have to figure Him out. Its all about faith! Its not about intellect; its not about having all the answers; its not about asking the right questions in the right mannerits about trusting God even when we dont have answers.


About the Author
Darren Schalk is the curriculum editor for the Church of God of Prophecy and associate editor for OAR, Inc. With a bachelors in pastoral ministry and a masters in church leadership and administration, he has served in various church leadership roles, including youth pastor, associate pastor, and senior pastor. He and his wife, Kristi, have three children.

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