Nashville's own powerhouse rebel Phenix is making a name for herself standing apart from the common flow. A visionary singer/songwriter and producer, Phenix has crafted a sound completely her own. Having been described as a blend of soulful warrior infusions, catchy pop melodies, and gutty rock edges - Phenix has curated what is the "Roxul Pop" Movement. From the depths, Unlike anything on the indie scene, Phenix is a theatrical stamp pioneering out of bounds. War paint being her main accessory, Phenix stays authentically fashion savy. With countless comparisons to Lady Gaga, due to her powerful stage performances and stretchy set of pipes - Phenix has well established her persona to be a true reflection of her movement. "A visual assault that will attack all your senses" Phenix ramps you up with the Warrior energy and takes you on a journey to another planet. By Giving you more than a show - by giving you an experience, Phenix will always leave you with something, something to go home with - something to think about. Something for your heart. Coming from a place of true expression and the beauty that becomes you once you have been bathed by life’s fire, Phenix is a Movement.
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