Layton Elscott, Drummer


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Since the age of 3 Layton has been known to carry his voice loud and proud, but he never really had a great singing voice, that’s okay though because his “voice” was the drums and from that early age he was ready for the big stage. As he grew up, Layton played his dad’s drums and performed in the annual school talent show. At first, they had him as the final act because it was a drum solo and large equipment was easily moved when it was last. But after 3 years, the school put him as the finale act as a way to close out the night with a special and great drummer, who knew how to “wow the crowd” with style – and yes, he was still only 6 years old!

When he was 14, his parents gave him his first drum and from that point on, he learned the lesson of having cheap equipment and working hard for money to purchase newer, higher-quality equipment. By the time he graduated high school, he had experience in symphonic band and drumline during marching band. When he was out of high school for 2 years, he started the first local hit Christian rock/pop rock band “Vertical Soul”, which brought a few originals and a sense of creativity to the local scene. After 2 years of playing and touring, the members decided to move-on from the pack, which is where Layton decided a critical move in his musical career…he started to invest into his equipment on all levels, knowing the return it could have.

To fast-forward to present day, Layton attempts to be the opitome of a professional-thinking musician and artist, he’s currently endorsing two companies on the same level (C-level endorsement). He sees endorsements as an opportunity to bless someone in some way, shape or form. After picking his dad’s brain for the last 6 years, his dad who has played for 35 years, professionalism being an artist is just as important as being a great drummer.
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