Ruth Wyand


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Ruth Wyand has achieved a level of diversity that has exceeded the expectations of audiences around the world. Her guitar virtuosity is demonstrated by dynamic fingerpicking, bottleneck slide and a warm alto voice. She plays a mix of Americana, jazz, blues, folk, country augmented by Piedmont and bluegrass clawhammer fingerpicking. Playing well-craftedinstrumental arrangements of classics ranging from Doc Watson, Etta Baker, JimiHendrix, Leo Kottke to Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington and Nina Simone, each song, no matter how different has a firm Ruth Wyand stamp of style on it.

Her songwriting is universal, timeless, relatable, emotionally resonant, sometimes witty, sometimes serious but always human and genuine.

Wyand has toured extensively throughout the United States, Britain, New Zealand, Kuwait and France and has won numerous awards for guitar and songwriting including the Gamble Rogers Fingerstyle Guitar Competition, the South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Competition and the Hank Williams Songwriting Award.

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