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Ruth Wyand & The Tribe Of One can generate the power a full band or the intimacy of a living room concert with her intricate picking style, alternating thumb bass, bottleneck slide, multiple foot drums and earthy and rural relaxed vocals.  As a “one woman band” Ruth presents a soulful and engaging show. Not only is Ruth an exceptional musician she is a great storyteller and performer. As she puts it “after 100 years of playing everywhere from bars to nudist colonies there isn’t much I haven’t seen” and she’ll tell you all about her sometimes hilarious, sometimes scary tales of her life on the road as a One Woman Traveling Show
Playing an eclectic mixture of styles of Americana and Blues originals. Ruth Wyand and the Tribe of One will have you laughing, crying, singing and even dancing.    

I am a guitar player who sings and writes and has a sarcastic sense of humor. Throughout my 100 or so years of playing I haven’t been able to lock in on a style that fits neatly into a specific category. If I have to classify it my music is defiantly Blues Americana, Roots, singer/songwriter, blue jazz, contemporary folk with a little Hendrix.

I grew up in a family with six sisters and two bothers. With eleven people in a small four bedroom, one and half bath house there were a lot of musical influences You might ask yourself ‘self’ how did a white girl from Atlantic City, NJ learn the blues?
The answer is “white flight”. When I was about ten years old my perfect little white neighborhood went from 100% white to 99% Black. My family was the only family that refused to relocate. One of my new neighbors was a guy name Mr. Mac from Durham NC. He was a huge black man with a huge heart and a strong love for family, church and blues music. On my way to the bus stop for my guitar lesson on Saturday mornings I would pass by Mr. Mac’s house. He would be working in his yard or washing his car and always listening to music a boom box. With my little guitar in the red and black plaid bag I would walk by and he would yell over to me “Ruthie go learn a blues song for me”. I had no idea what he was talking about. When I asked my guitar teacher what a blues song was he said it was Johnnie B. Goode slowed down. So I slowed it way down and played it for Mr Mac. He said yes “deep down Louisiana close to New Orleans” now that’s the blues alright but you need to hear a few more. He had a milk crate full of albums. I went through all of them studying every picture. Memphis Minnie holding a guitar, Big Mama Thornton ‘The Original Hound Dog’, Hound Dog Taylor with six fingers. He played cassette after cassette of blues, jazz, R&B, even Hank Williams, the Allman Brothers, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. I was intrigued, hooked and scared at the same time and I still am.

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