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Charlie Franks

Charlie Franks has been a performer for most of his life. Inspired by great concert and show acts, he formed his first 50's Tribute Band at age 12. It was also at that early age he also began performing as Elvis. His love for the King's legacy was already coming through in his performances.

He also discovered early on, his ability to mimic just about any voice, with help and coaching from his father, Samuel Franks, a former Shakespearean actor. Over the years, Charlie amassed a large repertoire of over 200 voices, ranging from TV and Film Actors to former Presidents, Actors, Cartoon Characters, Musicians and many other Celebrities.

For nearly 20 years he continued to perform, while at the same time owning companies in the Alarm and Security Industries and even 3 highly successful Scuba Shops and even one of the largest Paintball fields in the country.

Even with a break for several years, Charlies great love for performing and the stage, never stopped calling to him. About 14 years ago, Charlie decided to follow his true passion for entertaining again and developed the Ultimate Elvis Experience. Paying careful attention to detail, he recreated the Experience, including the Sound, Look and Charisma that was Elvis.

Charlie's reception was nothing less than tremendous, and his performances have earned him rave reviews. He has performed at many of the largest Fairs and Festivals around the country, as well as on Network Television & Film, and starred in the multi-award-winning documentary Just About Famous.

In the spring of 2009 Charlie brought a new show, Me, Myself & Us!, to life. In this new show he took you back over 60 years of pop culture, impersonating over 200 celebrities in his show at the Southern Nevada Center for the Arts in Las Vegas.

About five years ago, he added to his list of hits, headlining in 2 Kings at the RIO Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Performing to packed houses every night, the show was an instant hit! Charlie is also well known for his fundraising and benefit performances raising large sums of money for such organizations as American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity and the Alzheimers Association.

Two years ago, Charlie asked himself the question, What If Elvis had Never Died?

The answer to this question sparked a new idea in Charlie which led him to create his greatest show ever:


In this concert style show, Charlie performs not only the original hits of the King, but combines them with some of THE BIGGEST HITS from THE BIGGEST STARS OF THE 70S THRU TODAY! Charlie wears new Contemporary Stage outfits which incorporate Elviss style along with new influences and performs as Himself, along with a look and sound of the original which has been describe as Hauntingly Close!
Some of the artists who are covered in the show include Bruno Mars, Kiss, Imagine Dragons, Ohio Players, Kool & the Gang, Journey, Pitbull, Bob Segar, Ides of March and many more. The songs are all combined into themes.
Charlie usually has no more than 3-10 seconds between songs and performs from 30 to 120-minute shows with no breaks, with more of a true "Concert" experience.

Complete with an amazing stage set and his backup singers (Charlies Angels!), Charlies shows are a true EXPERIENCE and appeal to audience of all ages from the very young to the very old. He can perform using your sound and lighting or he can provide it.
Charlies is available to perform world-wide!
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