The John Fogerty Tribute Project


Al Madlinger - Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar

Born and raised in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn New York, Al's musical talent stems from his past experiences in local pop and classic rock bands in the five boroughs. Al first found his musical love in playing bass guitar for years in the early 80's, quickly after he realized his passion to write his own brand of music. Soon guitar playing, improvising and writing was part of his existence. Many popular sites and venues throughout New York had catered to his performances, from Up-State resorts to Manhattans' "Limelight" club and the village pool bars. Many of his deep influences from the trade include musicians like Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, John Prine and John Forgerty. However his versatility is not limited to any one style of influence. In the mid 1990's upon finding the love of his life and best friend, Al moved out to rural Long Island and once again picked up a new and inviting inspiration in Country Music, perhaps his biggest influence yet with respect to playing guitar. He has also indulged in a new venture with the styling of the Delta Blues sound and contemporary steel guitar. His music now has matured into a hybrid of all the above with an adult commercial feel and presence. "I will never stop growing, learning and having fun. There will never be an end to what you can learn"

Stu Kershen - Guitar / Vocals

Born and raised in Hicksville, New York, Stu has been playing guitar since his late teens. It was artists like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Eagles and Buck Owens that stimulated his interest in music and performing He has since been in a variety of bands for the past 30 years. His influences are many and include blues, rock and country western. His versatility and approach accounts for Stu's much in demand status. His solid guitar style includes all of his influences blended into one exceptional sound.Married to his lovely wife Claudia, they both reside in Wantagh, New York along with 3 dogs and a cat.

Joe Gangi - Bass

Joe grew up in Long Island New York. Smithtown was where he called home and started playing blues harp for a basement band with many of the local talent. Soon after he started picking up the bass guitar and learning a few scales. It wasn't long before Joe found his new musical love and passion for bass guitar. In the early 1980's Joe started working the Long Island clubs and venues for little money but alot of fun. Every new gig was a new experience for Joe and that is how he liked it, never staying long in one spot. As Joe matured in the industry he grew himself a tree of influences such as Cream, ACDC. Allman Brothers, The Band, Marshal Tucker and Van The Man Morrison. Joe now has a progressive style of playing bass held together with solid basics. The past few years Joe spent most of his playing time in recording studios playing sessions for musical acts and good ol' rock and roll bands.

Tony Polimeni - Drums

Brooklyn Born and raised on Long Island, Tony began playing drums at age 11.
Once beginning College, Graduate School, and then building a surgery practice, Tony stopped playing drums for nearly 32 years. He began playing again rediscovering his passion for playing drums and especially playing CCR music. “Doug Cosmo Clifford was my Ringo”, Tony explains. “My Dad had Cosmo’s Factory on reel to reel and 8 Track Cassette and I just played and played those tunes”.

In 2014 Tony founded Willy and The Poor Boys, a tribute to the music of John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival and the response was huge. The John Fogerty Project is the evolution of this tribute to CCR. “It is an authentic representation of how this music should be and needs to be played. It is a top notch tribute to this great music we all grew up with. It is Fogerty and Creedence played right”.

What makes him most happy after a JFP performance is audience members saying “I love these songs. They are sing-a-long, feel good songs and I can’t believe how many of them I knew”.

Tod Cagan - Keys / Vocals

Tod started his musical career as an elementary school, NYSMA A+ rated clarinet player. Born from a family of accomplished musicians (and a father with a recording studio), he spent his adolescence in school band, orchestra, jazz band, pit band, marching band, chorus and concert chorale.

Influenced by 1970's keyboard driven music, and Vince Guaraldi, Tod took to the vintage baby grand in the living room and then bought his first Roland Juno2 and Korg Poly 61 synthesizers. His musical style is based on a solid Yes, Genesis, ELP, Styx, Billy Joel, Rush, Beatles, Doors and CCR foundation.

Tod has performed in successful cover bands through the North East including Hey Now, Star 69, Sorethumb, Escape, The Katie Mitchel Band and Rocket Fuel. He has performed in Las Vegas, plays Dueling Piano shows and enjoys performing as a solo artist on occasion at local bars and restaurants. "When I got the call from Al to join JFTP, I was ecstatic. These guys are fantastic!"

Paul Lawrence - Guitar / Vocals

Playing almost 50 years, has played in country, classic rock and 50'sbands.
Classically trained, plays guitar,banjo,mandolin,bass and drums
Has owned more than 80 guitars and counting, admitted guitar-a-holic.
Drinks copious amounts of coffee.
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