Shot a music video for my new single coming September 1st...Ace Game. GET READY!!!
It's Going to be full THROTTLE HERE ON OUT!!
2017 - The Year oF NO VACATIONS.

Playing Venue 109 In just about a week! Cannot wait to be a part of the Ladies Night of Soul!

BASEMENT EAST PERFORMANCE WAS A HIT!!! So many people - so much energy! So thankful to do what I love and spread the message!!

I play Basement East next Tuesday JUly 4th for the FIRST TIME EVER.
Some amazingly talented artists are on this bill and I cannot wait to perform. It is going to be absolutely RIVETING!!

On the road to Atlanta to perform at the APACHE CAFE. Played The End in Nashville last night and it was E L E C T R I C !! Cannot wait to VIbe with you Atlanta !! This is going to be the BEST SHOW YET!!!

Just got out of rehearsal! Cannot wait to share my world with you each and every day! Were all on the same journey to self acceptance and fighting to be a Warrior each and every day. Time to build eachother up! Join me in Atlanta at the Music Room May 10th!! Doors @ 8pm and Music @ 9pm
Can't wait to share some energy with you!!!

THE LOVE I'm getting from the "PHENIX" EP is absolutely incredible!! Thank you to all my fans for all the love and support!! So much more to come! Keep rocking that EP and I'll be sending new content your way soon! Heading to ATLANTA in a couple more weeks!!

Getting pumped to hit Charlotte, NC next weekend!! It is such a blessing to be able to do what I love and continue to grow myself and inspire people!! Just by magnifying the weird inside, you can find a whole other level to your innate beauty! The road brings out so many thoughts!! Can't wait to go spread some energy!!!

PHENIX @EXIT/IN Nashville!! Kicking off my "So Gone TOUR" with a show in my city!! Getting to rock the stage with @CAPPA and @Meaux it is going to be a kick ass show full of energy!! And I will be handing out free copies of my self titled-ep "Phenix" in celebration of it's release OUT EVERYWHERE TODAY!!!!

My new single "So Gone" dropped today!! Kicking off 2017 riding the wave!! I will leave for tour in a couple weeks to promote the new ep "Phenix" dropping March 31st!!! In the meantime go check out "So Gone" on Youtube, Apple Music, Itunes, ect. EVERYWHERE!!!!

Photo Shoot with Hair N Motion Magazine in ATL!!
Can't wait for you guys to see the final pics from the shoot! They're dying my hair!! Scared...but excited! I will keep you updated on when the issue will be released. Check out my Instagram for some BTS pics from that day!
IG: phenixred1


Phenix Performing at THE BASEMENT!!!
Come on Nashville! Who supports independent music?? Time to get out to a show!!! I need to see you guys face to face!!! It's going to be such a amazing and diversely powerful show💯💯 Show starts at 7pm. YOU don't want to miss the Energy!!!
~ Phenix

Shot 5 music videos in 2 months! Been grinding and working hard!!! Building this project from the ground up behind the curtain planning and scheming for the awakening and debut! Romeo Miller just flew out, had to get some shots here in Nashville for our single coming out this year! The music video is nothing but EPIC. Keep staying tuned! This year is it! Cannot wait to share my creations with you all!!

Final week prep for next video. IT IS CONFIRMED THAT PHENIX AND LIL ROMEO AKA MASERATI ROME will be shooting their music video on the 20th of this month. We've got a Ferrari, a Plane, a Boat, and a Rooftop with the Nashville Skyline. We are going big. THIS IS GOING TO BE INSANE! Can't wait to link back up with my friend Romeo and enjoy the day vibing to this amazing single! Get ready for "RIDE"
All I'm saying is.....

"It's a War" visual has officially been birthed.
That is all.

Getting ready to shoot yet ANOTHER video. I just keep working and so does my team!!! We've got a mansion, a $600 dollar vintage wedding train, a parrot and a ballerina.....MANY other props as well..JUST WAIT TILL YOU SEE!!! This is going to be my most magnificent creation yet. Just call me Director Phenix, because a VISIONARY has to run every angle of their art. This is a masterpiece and is my little baby doll. I'M SO EXCITED!

Just got done filming 3 in studio shots of my songs "Set In My Mind", "Stay Blue", and "Wake Me Up" A great big thanks to my team and Paradestormer Productions. We work like a well oiled machine! These are going to be great for the catalog!! I am definitely a collector of many things, but my music is my most prized possession.

Wrapped up the video shoots this week and just got out of the editing chair! I feel like my fingers are electric! I love putting the final touches, sprinkles, and bows on something that started as a mere piano lick or a simple line and continued to grow into this insane creation of art that's presence will continue to grow a million different ways for a million different people. Music continues to grow within each of our own interpretations. What a blessing to be allowed to create! My feeling of gratitude is so overwhelming!!
Stay tuned

Studio is UP AND RUNNING!!! Recorded for the first time last night and it felt TOO GOOD. The energy in the buillding is surging and I feel like my bubble of excitement might blow the whole place up. Right now I'm getting prepared for my dual music video shoot!! I will be shooting a music video for my singles "So Gone" and "Rolling Stone" I have been working hard with choreography, and getting the final touches on the master plan to execute the vision. So much hard work will be put in by me and my team to knock this out, and that's why faith is such a beautiful thing because I am not worried at all. It will be EPIC.

Just locked in a new location for the studio! My beautiful father is driving 10 hours to be here and do the carpet. It's so amazing that I will be able to record and create in a space that physically shares his energy. My father has such an enormous part in my life and my journey with music. One that will take years to tell and reflect. I keep finding new ways of how we molded eachothers lives through our MISTAKES just as much as our VICTORIES! Nothing is here to conquer you, only grow you. Just open your eyes and you will see with your ears.

Video drops on PhenixVevo!!
From the studio with love,

January is gone and we are officially rolling in the New Year!! Just recorded a new song and will DEFINITELY be adding it to the project. I've been writing non stop I can barely keep up. We almost have 4 songs fully Mastered and squared away. The project is coming to life and the story is finding it's own true way to be told. My story is your story in a different manifestation, but in the end we all choose to be Warriors right? Don't let me down and I won't let you down-Phenix

Coming to the end of the first week, the new year has already proven to have a lot in store. Lessons have shown themselves and foresight into what is to come has been prominent within my thoughts and spirit. So excited to be blessed with this journey, realizing true purpose and matching it with the growing potential as I continue to learn, expand, grow, change, challenge and better myself as a person and therefore an artist. Hungry for knowledge and persistant with effort, this year is the true beginning of The Red Phenix. Can't wait to unleash what has been glowing in the dark for some time now, its ALMOST THERE.

Been practicing really hard these last few weeks. A handful of rehearsals left until a MAJOR audition on the 23rd. Stay Tuned! There is going to be so much more to keep up with, it might be a little bit of an overload! Keep your Eyes on me

Alot of music coming your way soon. Just finished up a trip to New York then kicked it in Atlanta for a while, now back to grind mode. Working hard to bring this project to life. Stay tuned and watching! The beginning is near and I'm planning to make some waves with this movement. First release out this week!!! Go check it out!!

Just got back from New York City where me and my crew drove all the way from Nashville to shoot the music video for "Look At Us Now" featuring Jim Jones. Shot on Times Square and Harlem. Had an inspiring time under the City that never sleeps. Drove up on my 22nd birthday, how many people can say they've done that?

Just got back from New York City. My first time EVER. Something that I dreamed about since I was a little girl and to know that the first time I got to go was on "business" made it all the more the dream. I am beside myself. Spent two days in 3 different studios. Cassidy, Jadakiss, and Jim Jones have blessed a couple of my records. You won't believe it until you hear it

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