Darron Moore and The 14th Floor



Detroit Group Carries On Tradition Of Classic R&B

Vocalist Darron Moore, born in Washington, D.C., and raised in Detroit, has been on the music scene for a substantial number of years. In fact, for decades, using Motown and other classic R&B sounds as a foundation.

Moores current group, Darron Moore and the 14 Floor, also dates back quite a few years, although there have been numerous personnel changes. The other members of the latest incarnation of the group are vocalists Janine T Jefferson, Nigel Foster, and Delisha Thomas.

In addition to singing their own material, including that heard on Loves Flight Reflections, they do a tribute show to Luther Vandross.

The group got their name from Moores father, Leroy Moore, their manager at the time, who had an office on the 14th floor of the Renaissance Center.

Darron Moore and the 14th Floor plan to go as far as talent and determination will take them. They can be reached via D.L. Styles, 14th Floor Music, at (678) 224.1423.

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