The Drummer Loves Ballads (John Armato)


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The Drummer Loves Ballads, and you will too

The story (and the album) begins 40 years ago.
Photo Credit: Andy Amyx (CD design by John Armato & Tricia Juanitas)

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Boy Meets Drum

John Armato recorded with his 1964 Ludwig
Photo Credit: Andy Amyx

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John Armato, The Drummer Who Loves Ballads

John Armato, during a TDLB recording session
Photo Credit: Courtesy John Armato

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Three-fourths of the TDLB Quartet

John Armato with Rod Fleeman, guitar, and Wayne Hawkins, piano. Not pictured is bassist Gerald Spaits.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of John Armato

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John Armato, Loving Ballads Live

John Armato plays the 2019 Roseville Jazz Festival
Photo Credit: Thomas Blackburn, courtesy Roseville Jazz Festival

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