Infinity: "Classic To Current: The Ultimate Rock Experience"

Thank you note

Hi Guys - I felt I need to Thank you both (and the band) for everything you put into each and every one of your shows! I don't know how many people take the time out to Thank you, but you really have a bigger effect on people than you know.

In 1985, I met my husband, as sophomores @ Morton West High School in Berwyn. In 1988, while working the beer tent @ Berwyn Summerfaire we discovered an unbelievable band called Infinity! From that time on, trying to find where the band was playing next became some of our most memorable date nights and memories I will have forever. We continued to keep an eye and ear out for Infitity shows throughout our 20's & 30's and friends often joked about us being groupies.

In 2002, we finally got married - then quickly celebrated our Son's birth in 2003. We would take him to as many shows as we could manage. Don't Stop Believin' was one of my husbands favorite songs and he would constantly sing it to our Son. Especially during the 2005 World Series, as we're big White Sox fans. Then on Christmas 2006, my husband passed away. My entire world shattered, and I'm not sure I've really gotten it back yet. My Son was only 3 when my husband passed away yet he remembers every time he sang Don't Stop Believin to him. He says it reminds him to never stop believing in his Daddy, never stop believing we can get through anything and that anything is possible.

This summer, Thanks to some very persistent friends, I went to my first Infinity show in 5 years. That was the Romeofest, and my Son was able to attend the first show he can remember. He was thrilled to go up on stage and play his "paper jams" guitar next to Kevin. Since that show in August, I have been front row center for every show I could possibly get to. The latest being the TSO show @ Tailgaters where again you made my Son's night by having him up on stage, this time getting to sing with Bob.

I just had to Thank you because not even knowing it you've played a part in my coming back to life so to speak. I cannot wait for this weekend's shows in Mokena & the Brat Stop both of which I will be attending with friends. You guys are the best and you should know what a difference your music makes in people's lives!

Best Regards,
Joan Hoes

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