Ruth Wyand & The Tribe of One


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The History and Evolution 
of Women Blues Musicians, Songwriters and Singers

A two part interactive workshop taught by Ruth Wyand that will include a demonstration of the various styles of women blues musicians who’s music has helped define jazz, blues, country, Americana and pop music.   

In the first part Ruth will play songs of pioneer blues women demonstrating how their songwriting, instrumental and vocal styles have impacted the blues, and set the ground work for many other genres of music that continue to influence generations of artists that followed.  

In the second part Ruth will teach a guitar workshop demonstrating how to play in the styles of those women pioneers like Memphis Minnie, Etta Baker, Sister Rosetta Tharp, Geeshie Wylie and Elvie Thomas. 

Weather you play the guitar or just want to observe the class,  both parts of this workshop will give you a better understanding of the contributions women in blues have made to American music styles.   

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