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Jay Leonhart wrote lyrics to Tommy Flanagan's "Over the Bluebird." Tommy liked the lyrics, and thus--"My Bluebird!"

"The Bass Lesson" DVD/CD


The Bass Lesson DVD/CD

The DVD of Jay Leonhart's one man show, "The Bass Lesson". This is a collection of mostly humorous songs that deal with playing the bass for a living. This DVD has been seen on PBS around thew country. "Very. very funny"...The Irish Times

The Songs of Jay Leonhart Vol. 1


The Bass Lesson Songbook

Twelve of Jay Leonhart's most popular songs, including: tʼs Impossible to Sing and Play The Bass Bass Aboard a Plane Me and Lenny Missinʼ RB Blues For Real Louie Bellson Let The Flower Grow MyBluebird Beat My Dog Nukular Robert Frost It's Impossible to Sing and Play The Bass Me and Lenny Louie Bellson Nukular

Bass Rental

$100.00 per day

Bass Rental

My 1930 Jusak, a well cared for fine sounding bass that is set up exactly as I want it to be. It plays easily, and has a nice accoustic sound. Eva Pirastro strings that respond nicely to the bow. I like this bass.

This Rhythm On My Mind


"Buy THis Rhythm On MY Mind

Wycliffe Gordon joins Jay Leonhart for a rousing rhythmic and musical session wherein both play, sing, and have a fine time. They are joined by Wayne Escoffery, Harry Allen, and Jim Sapporito on a few tracks. Lots of original Leonhart and Gordon songs and lyrics.

This Rhythm on My Mind Songbook


This Rhythm-SongBook

The sparkling original songs performed by Jay Leonhart and Wycliffe Gordon on their acclaimed album, "This Rhythm On My Mind." Featuring: Jay's Littel Henry Missin' RB Blues Mr. Gordon-Mr. leonhart and Wycliffe's: This Rhythm on My Mind I Want My Blues Back Toast My Bread and many more!

Fly Me To The Moon


Fly Me To The Moon

Bennie Green and Joe Cohn join Jay Leonhart in this tribute to the late and so great, Ray Brown.

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