Infinity: "Classic To Current: The Ultimate Rock Experience"


-Minimum 32 channel mixing console with 8 channels of insertable compressors, 6 gates,
3 multi-FX (Yamaha or Lexicon preferred), and 1 delay unit.
On some shows Infinity may supply there own FOH console and digital snake system.
Scott Flaws (Production Manager for Infinity 7089064765 will advance this.)
-Infinity will need all microphones and D.I.s including overheads. We carry a full 6 mix in-ear monitor system with a 50 fan to patch into the house system from monitor rack. Will need a separate mix from FOH for a center fill mix. Will need 3 floor mixes for back up on stage.
-Adequate AC power needs to be provided stage right and stage left for monitor rack and band
Instruments. 3 separate 20 amp circuits for band equipment only.

FULL CONTROL of the mixing console during sound check and performance.

On outdoor covered stages there needs to be a min of 24k light show. On an indoor stage( tent or pavilion) adequate lighting to properly cover the stage.

(A follow spot is mandatory since Infinitys show is visual as well as musical and also includes audience participation.)

Purchaser agrees to provide the aforementioned items for INFINITYS performance.
Purchaser also understands that if these conditions are not provided, INFINITY is not bound by contract to perform.

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