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Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik And Resurrection
Hospitality Rider
Thank you for choosing Michael J. O'Hara, and, or The Sheik & Resurrection for your event. Please remember that this rider is to be used as a guideline to help ensure optimum effectiveness at the day of the performance. If there are any questions or if you have trouble providing any of the below mentioned amenities please contact us at least a day prior to the performance, and we will make adjustments accordingly.

Contact Information: Booking agent: Kelly Oubre TEL: 504-908-2609 // e-mail: kello@rtconline.com Sound/Lighting: Gary Johnson TEL: 504-205-4403 // e-mail: gary.johnson123@yahoo.com

This portion of the rider is by no means a necessity, but depending on the situation and the circumstances (long commute or difficult load-in for example) it helps us to give a better performance if we’re refreshed and rested. We understand that not all accommodations can be met all of the time; but we’ll be grateful for whatever is manageable.

FOOD & DRINKS: Complimentary hot meals on the day of the performance would be greatly appreciated, along with the following amenities: case of water, soft drinks (diet Coke, Coke, Sprite), sandwich deli tray (for 8), and fruit tray. Alcoholic beverages and spirits are also welcomed when appropriate.

BACKSTAGE: A separate room for the band to relax, before and after the show, and on break(s) is essential. And, if possible; sofa, table and chairs, mirror, sink, and towels (6-10).

PARKING: We will require parking space for 3-5 vehicles and an extra large space for a 17’ box truck, in close proximity to the venue or event. Complimentary validated parking would be extremely helpful when available.

TRAVEL ACCOMMODATIONS: For shows with a travel distance of more than 100 miles from New Orleans, lodging arrangements may be required to accommodate 4 people. Lodging must be clean and safe. A $20.00 per diem, per person (including travel days) should also be provided when applicable.
Michael J. O'Hara, and, or, The Sheik & Resurrection Productions has a stunning, professional production that will meet and exceed your expectations! We strive to give you and your guest the most enjoyable and memorable experience possible. With the discretion of the vendor; we take in to consideration the event (Wedding, Night club, etc.), size of the venue, and clientele, and make the appropriate adjustments with regards to the size, volume, and capacity of the system and overall production. All of our gear is clean, streamlined, and very high quality. Here is a breakdown of the equipment and requirements necessary.
It is always our preference to use our own backline, but a suitable In-House P.A. However, we have sound equipment of our own. This includes our own mixing console, in-ear monitors, and floor wedge(s). For venues that do not have In-House P.A., Michael J. O’Hara, and, or The Sheik & Resurrection has sound, lighting, and stage production that can accommodate the most intimate of settings or the larger venues. We prefer the venue provide sound and lighting technicians. Refer to the section below titled G7 PRODUCTIONS for details. For circumstances when that is not feasible or necessary, we will assume that the venue has an adequate P.A. and lighting system. In addition to the use of the In-House system, the following is a list of technical requirements, equipment, and at times, necessities that will enable us to give you the best performance possible.

STAGE: The stage should be a minimum of 15’ W X 10’ D. We can accommodate a smaller space if need be, but not much smaller!

POWER REQUIREMENTS: If in-house P.A. and lighting is provided, three 20 amp 120 volt A/C circuits will be required. In all other circumstances six separate 20 amp circuits within 50 feet of the stage will be required. As a final measure, if the power required is not available, we can tie in to house power via our distro, provided a power panel is located within 100 feet of the stage.

MONITOR MIXES: Typically, we will use our own in-ear monitors if we use our sound equipment. If for some reason this is not possible, we require a minimum of four discreet monitor mixes (one per band member, see stage plot for placement).

SOUND & LIGHTING: If house sound is provided it is our preference to send a mix left/right/sub on aux to the house board or direct to processing. The sound system must be able to reproduce a minimum of 35 Hz to 18 KHz +/- 3 db at 100 db A-weighted at the mix position without clipping any part of the signal chain. Lighting must be sufficient for the stage provided and the type of event. Minimal use of fog/haze is preferred if possible. The details of the house sound and lighting systems should be discussed with our engineer at least one week in advance.

SOUND CHECK: We will need a minimum of 60 to 90 minutes total including load-in, setup, and sound check when back-line is provided. 90 to 120 minutes when not. These timelines are somewhat flexible depending on the event and ease of load-in.

SOUND TECH: We greatly appreciate having a competent tech(s) who is familiar with the house system available to assist our FOH engineer however necessary.

CRITICAL EVENTS: It has been our experience that the larger the system, the higher the chances of some complication occurring. Our system utilizes multiple analog and digital wireless signals both point to point and networked. For critical events, such as live broadcasts and very large productions, where mistakes or technical failures are not an option, we prefer to have a minimum cat5e hard line from FOH to the stage and the option to send our full 32 input channels to the house system via a splitter snake. These channels will be mixed on the house system as any other band would be, but not used except in the event of failure of one of our systems. In this way we can have redundancy to ensure no complications in the event of a critical system failure.

Channel Instrument Mic/D.I. Notes
1 Drum Pad D.I.
2 Kick Sure Beta 52A
3 Snare Sure 57
4 High Hat Audix ADX51
5 Tom 1 Audix F10
6 Tom 2 Audix F10
7 Tom 3 Audix F12
8 OH Hat Audix F15
9 OH ride Audix F15
11 Guitar Keys D.I.
12 Lead Guitar Sure 57
13 E Bass D.I.
15 Main Keys D.I. R stereo
17 Lead Vox 1 Wireless Sennheiser L stereo
18 Lead Vox cordless Sure 58
19 2 Boom stands
EQUIPMENT P.A. SYSTEM: Board –Allen & Heath Mix Wizard WZ3 16:2
Effects – DBX Graphic EQ 231 (1) TC Electronic M350 effect & reverb processor Alesis 3630 compressor limiter DBX Driverack
PA control system Speakers- (1) Peavey SP2’s per side (1) Peavey double18’s per side

Power Amps- Peavey CS300 H Crown Macro’tech 3600 VZ MONITOR SYSTEM: Mains-upfront- Phonic Pa550 – (2) speakers 2nd monitor system- DBX 131 S EQ (1) Crown 1000wat amplifier (1) Yorkville YX 215 (monitor system) LIGHTING SYSTEM: Front lighting- (4) mounted Chauvet LED’s (12) mounted Par64’s (4) Rain lights- overhead/theme lighting
STAGE RISERS: (drums minimum- 66”x66”)

REQUIREMENTS STAGE: 16’ X 20’ or equivalent MINIMUM. 20’ X 24’ or larger is ideal. Stage height should be appropriate for the venue and crowd visual coverage.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 5 20 amp 120 volt circuits within 50 feet of the stage or minimum 60 amp 220 volt single phase power disconnect within 100 feet.

FRONT OF HOUSE: A space of approx. 5’ x 6’ located 30’ + from in front of stage (This is optional depending on the size of venue and type of function.)

HOSPITALITY ARRANGEMENTS: Refer to the previous hospitality rider.

ADVERTISING & PROMOTION We have an array of promotional material we can send to you for advertising purposes. If you are in need of posters, flyers, promo templates, musical clips, video, logos or pictures in various file formats, use the contact information provided and we will be happy to fulfill your request.

DISCLAIMER Michael J. O’Hara, and, or, The Sheik & Resurrection is not contractually obligated to any portion of this document and reserves the right to make changes accordingly. Most portions of this rider are negotiable and should not be considered binding. We look forward to making our venture together a success!

BAND MEMBERS Michael J. O’Hara/The Sheik, Lead Vocals, Keyboard
Gary Johnson, Drums
Carlos Barrientos, Guitar
Glen LeBlanc, Bass

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