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Pork Chop Willie LOVE IS THE DEVIL

(PCWM 002) CD release June 24, 2014
porkchopwillie@yahoo.com / PorkChopWillie.com

Publicity: Sue Havlish, Big Sister Productions, 812-327-5494 sue@bigsisterproductions.com, BigSisterProductions.com

Radio: Todd Glazer, Todd Glazer Promotions, 907-279-8546, toddg@gci.net, ToddGlazer.com

Bills main guitar was a Trussart Telecaster Deluxe, custom made with the words "Hill Country" on it.

On Tracks 2, 5, 10 and 12, Bill used the Trussart with a Goodsell Mark IV. But not just any Goodsell Mark IV. The model he owns and used was both a mistake and the victim of a car accident. It's a long explanation for why Richard Goodsell was comparing this amp to the other Mark IVs that Richard had made, but Richard noticed what he called a "mistake" in the build. Bill loved the the way the amp sounded with the "mistake." Then the amp was in a car accident and thrown around the back of a jeep. It was banged up quite badly but still worked when it was turned on. It's certainly a unique amp now ...

On Tracks 1, 6, 9, 11 and 13, Bill used the Trussart and an early '60s Bassman head through a 2-12 cabinet. Both were custom made for the original owner in blue sparkle padded covering.

Track 3 and the slide guitar on Track 13 is a 1954 LP Junior through the Bassman.

Track 7 is a Gibson SG Jeff Tweedy model through the Bassman.

On Tracks 8 and 13, Bill used a cigar box guitar with a resonator through the Bassman and a microphone set 3" away from the resonator.

Track 4 was played on a 1962 Melody Maker, completely original, using the bridge pickup through a 1964 Silvertone 1482.

Melissa's violin is from 1806 made by Jacob Cuypers, a Dutch violin maker. She used zero effects and recorded acoustically.

Steve played a American Standard Telecaster with a Harmonic Design p90 bridge pickup and a Vintage Plus neck pickup. He used a mid-'60s Champ for his amplifier.

ERIC DEATON: On Tracks 3 and 6, Eric played a Teisco Spectrum II with the Kay brand. This guitar was only made from '67-'69. He's not sure of the year for his. He played through a Blackheart BH5-112.

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