Sugar in the Gourd


Walk Your Journey
Inspired by a conversation with God, performed divinely by Sugar in the Gourd, featuring our goddess, Aubrey Richmond, and captured by Bob MacColl at the WitZend Venice, CA 12/19/12 written by Lynn and Fred Sokolow

Train Of Sorrow
Sugar In The Gourd live at the Glendale Train Station. File footage courtesy of J. A. Morel. Music by Lisa Salloux, Lyrics by Lynn Sokolow

Honky Tonkin'
The WitZend Live 12/12 written by Merrily Weeber and Gary Corman vIdeo by Bob MacColl

Step UP
At The Coffee Gallery Backstage Music Merrily Weeber, Lyrics Lynn Sokolow (with our former member, Jen Fitzpatrick) Video by Mark Morgan Openroad Prods.

Greasy Coat (trad)
Live at The Cinema Bar with our former member, Jen Fitzpatrick on fiddle and vocals Video by Mark Morgan
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