Ruth Wyand & The Tribe of One


100 Proof
Live at K2's Greenhouse of Blues

Break The Curse
Live at K2's

I Don't Have Proof
Paying her National Steel in minor tuning at the Summer Send Off Festival Aug 23, 2017

Wind Cries Mary
Ruth playing Jimi Hendrix's The wind Cries Mary Roanoke Island Festival Park Aug 23, 2017

Help My Soul ...
Ruth performing her song Help My Soul Survive at the Summer Send Off Festival Aug 23, 2017

2017 IBC Finals
Little Wing

Rollin' & Tumblin'
Classic Blues song with a new twist. Footdrums and cigar box guitar.

Blame Yourself
"Blame Yourself Blues' written by Ruth. Video by Jean Antolini.

Purple Haze
Playing a Hendrix song live at Dante Hall

Mama's Got The Blu
"Mama's Got The Blues" at the International Blues Challenge, Orpheum Theatre, Memphis

Break The Curse
Clip of Ruth's song Can't Break The Curse
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