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What does mixing Champaign and Red Bull, Tanzanite and Miami have in common?
If you answered Ryan Stone Music, youre a winner!

Ryan Stone Music is one of the hottest bands from Miami to hit the music scene with a sound that is unmistakably unique. The band skillfully and smoothly crosses over a multitude of genres ranging from alternative and rock to mainstream and pop.

Fusing energy with melody, Ryan Stone Music creates songs that are potent and highly addictive.

Ryan Stone Music was established by the talented and multifaceted lyricist, songwriter, singer and musician Ryan Stone, who after many years as a popular front man in Miami for various bands, decided to go solo. With a solid foundation of practically a lifetime of experience in music to construct upon, Stone released his solo debut album entitled Me and My Big Mouth. The title, Stone says, was a play on words as he himself wrote and orchestrated all of the compositions, played all the instruments and performed all of the vocals.

Building upon his success, Stone released his second solo album Life Needs A Soundtrack where again he exhibits his true talents and takes out-of-the-box concepts molding them into accessible tunes that both mainstream listeners and those with a taste for diversity will embrace.

"I write a song a day, and will continue to write and record new music... ideas never stop." Ryan Stone

Ryan Stone Music, with its catchy hooks and melodic harmonies has attained a fan base of over 10,000 enthusiasts proving so when Billboard Magazine's World Song Contest recognized Ryan Stone as an influential powerhouse when he was awarded three times over for his solo tracks, Fallen, BreakAway and One and One Makes Three. A handful of Stone's songs are on rotation on radio stations across the country starting with Z100 in New York City for Stone's solo track, "Sugar Free".

Currently, Stone and his newly formed band, *RSM are working on new songs all of which can be found at www.RyanStoneMusic.com.

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(Updated by Music & Arts Connection - 2017)

"Ryan Stone Music's song "Go Higher" played - Vanilla Ice started dancing"
Tom Falco - The Coconut Grape Vine

Ryan Stone Music - Sugar Free on New York Radio-
Arthur Reny - Z-100

Ryan Stone Music will perform on stage. 4th of July
Channel 7 - WSVN NEWS

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