Finnegan Blue


Finnegan Blue is a San Diego based band rooted in traditional folk, but play by their own rules. This band blends together rock, bluegrass, Irish, gospel, reggae, and NOLA second line with a punk rock inspired edge to give their music a truly unique sound! Their high-energy original songs are written, sung, and performed by sibling duo and multi-instrumentalists Anna Lee and Willie Fleming, who switch back and forth between acoustic guitar, mandolin, and trombones. They are followed by bandmates Bill Fleming on Electric Guitar, Ronnie Valles on Drums and Percussion, Oskar Beckmann on the Bass, and Malcolm Jones on the Saxophone. Finnegan Blue has toured to New York City, Mexico, Arizona, and Las Vegas. Check them out live, give their album a listen, and follow them on Social Media for updates and more!

Upcoming Dates: Fall 2018

10/12 Wedding
10/13 Dubliner
10/14 School Outreach
10/27 Wedding
10/31 Gaslamp Halloween Party

11/9 Las Vegas Concert Series
11/10 Las Vegas Concert Series
11/24 The Dubliner

12/2 SONO Fest
12/8 Dubliner
12/15 Integrative Health Center Fundraiser
12/22 Dubliner
12/31 NYE Party

2019 Dates TBA!
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