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Jackie Ray Dabney (born September 10, 1980), better known as jDab fka Trinity, is an American rapper. He gained national attention after signing with TMG (Tate Music Group.)
jDab grew up in Houston's Northside neighborhood of Trinity Garden. jDabs rap name came from the first initial in his first name with the incorporation of his last name. For many years jDab was known as Trinity, which represented The Spiritual, The Natural and The place in which he was saved from. At age 22, J surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and began to seek a different direction in life. He began to use his gift and talent to write rhymes to lift up the name of Jesus while uplifting the church and community. He performed raps at local churches and community events. He began his rap career with Monarch Records (an all genre label) in the late 2000s. After realizing oil and water doesnt mix, he parted ways with Monarch Records and joined forces with Temetrius Gistand and The Real Saints Network Family after departing on good terms he formed his own independent label, Destine II Shine Records. Dabney opened an Auto Detailing Center and A Construction Company as well.

Music career
As The World Turns (2005)
Under the name of Trinity, jDabs debut album with Real Saints Network, As The World Turns, was released in September 2005.
Hit Him Back (2006)
Trinitys second solo album Hit Him Back was released in 2006. Although not under Real Saints Network the presence of his mentor Temetrius Gistsnd aka Educator was very much so involved with the direction of the project.
U.S.A. (United Saints in America) (2007 - 08)
Trinitys third album U.S.A. . His first single was "Before I Go" which featured Christian Man. His second single also featured rapper/singer Christian Man entitled "Without You".
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Personal life
jDab married Latoyia Carter Dabney in 2005. Was licensed as a Minister in 2009 and Installed as the Associate Pastor of The Real Worship Center Inc. in 2014 - 2019. jDab planted Kingdom Life Central South in the Summer of 2019 and to date has planted Kingdom Life Central North. In 2022 jDab was affirmed to the Office of Apostle of The Lord's Church and continues his conquest to advance The Father's Kingdom.
jDab fka Trinity discography
2005: As The World Turn
2006: Hit Him Back
2007: U.S.A. (United Saints in America) 2009: Whats Your Purpose
2010: Whats Your Purpose:RELOADED 2011: G.O.O.N.S. 4 God Vol 1
2012: G.O.O.N.S. 4 God Vol 2
2013: Go Get It EP
2013: G.O.O.N.S. 4 God Vol 3
2014: Yous A Lie EP
2015: Foundation
2016: Transparent
2017: Not Worried Bout Nothing
2019: Road 2 Success
2020: Pandemic Single
2021:Way Back Single
2022: Lifeline Album
2022: My God Is So Real Single
Awards and Nominations
Extraordinary People Awards
2015-Won Record Label of The Year Award 2015- Real People Awards Recipient
2009- Real People Awards Recipient
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