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Jeremy Dean's Nashville journey began in 1997, when he was discovered in his home state of Oklahoma, by Eddy Bolton, tenor singer for the legendary Gospel music family, The Speers. Jeremy uprooted to Nashville and traveled extensively on the road until 1999, at which time his passion for songwriting led him to focus his direction in that regard.

Jeremy credits his professional evolution as a singer, songwriter, and producer to Dove award-winning and Grammy nominated producer, Joe Huffman. Since their first collaboration in 1997, Jeremy has become an accomplished voice in both studio and live performance. He has recorded with multi-faceted artists from various genres and performed with many, including Grammy artists Mike Farris, Lionel Cartwright, Jennifer Kinley, Taylor Hicks, and other award-winning artists.

Jeremy's first commercially released song cut was in 2000, when Grammy nominated artist, Barbara Fairchild, recorded a Gospel song Jeremy wrote shortly after High School, titled, The Table Grace Prepared, which Barbara included on her project, Forever Friend.

Jeremy has collaborated with award-winning songwriters Stan Webb, Gerald Smith, John Pennell, Jon Robbin, Billy Dean, Gordon Jensen, to name a few, and he is also honored to work with many independent and upcoming artists and songwriters in Nashville and the changing music scene. Jeremy's songwriting credits include many self-penned songs, but he has also collaborated with over one hundred individual writers since 2000 as well, out of which he continues to build his network of consistently productive writers.

Creating around his passion for songwriting has also allowed Jeremy to be a part of various projects, including songwriting for LifeWay Christian stores. He also received his first motion picture break from director,Christopher Forbes, in the January 2017 release of "The War Riders," starring Parker Stevenson, a movie which included his song "When We Fight."

Jeremy's first international break included seven songs selected for a project called "Dirt Road," by South African artist, Jason Bradley. The project was named Country "Album of the Year" on March 12, 2015 in South Africa, with the additional songs on the project written by fellow South African, Gary Hannan.
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