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Tha Vicious, also known as Vicious, is a rapper and screenwriter born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Broward County, Florida. Tha Vicious grew up writing poetry and gained interest in rap at a young age. At age 17, Vicious released his first mixtape through MySpace Music, and at age 19 released a second one through After turning 21 years old, Vicious took a long hiatus from rap, starting again in 2017, after 8 years away from the industry.

Vicious feels like he has accomplished more now than he did years back. In 2017 only, Vicious performed a total of 30 shows at venues such as Miami Live, BLUME Nightclub, Krave Lounge, Escape Lounge, King of Diamonds Miami, G5ive Miami, and Mint Lounge, among others.

In 2017, Vicious released his first music video and a mixtape called C.R.E.E.P, which stands for Cool Rhyme Entertaining Enlightening People; a second mixtape called Harsh Realities was released the same year. Vicious was featured on DJ Seizures mixtape with the popular track The Crown a.k.a Pull Up (available on iTunes), as well as on a Coast to Coast mixtape, Florida edition. After being featured on the Coast to Coast Florida edition mixtape, Vicious was featured on Coast 2 Coast Volume 345, Hosted by YFN Lucci.

Vicious recently produced his own talent showcase called Leave da Mic in Flames, with about 200 people in attendance. Back in April 2018, Vicious performed live at the Bro Life Tour, which was documented and will air on the popular streaming service Netflix. Tha Vicious has also recorded two radio commercials for iHeartRadio, which aired on 103.5 The Beat Miami.

Vicious is currently promoting his first full album, A Most Vicious Year (now available on iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify), and was featured as "Artist to Watch" in XXL Magazine, December 2018 issue.
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