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SPACEMEN LIVE has been rocking dance floors across North America and beyond with their unique brand of acid-fused intelligent breaks, cosmic house, and hypnotizing trance.

Headlining clubs and festivals across the US for 20+ years, SPACEMEN LIVE has continued to blow minds anywhere they touch down. This is what makes them one of the most sought-after groups.

Following their groundbreaking debut, Arrival/Abduction, in 1997, was the vast success of their signature single, Communion, in 1998. Communion remains on many DJs top 10 playlists and is a classic in EDM history. Their self-titled, full length album was released in 2001 and was a runaway success. Since then, SPACEMEN LIVE released five more singles on 12 inch vinyl and countless more through their web-based vending empire. Access to SPACEMEN LIVES full catalog can be found on Sound Cloud.

SPACEMEN LIVE has made landings from California to Houston, Latin America to Miami, and major cities in between, headlining stages at Ultra Music Festival, Wakarusa, Zen Fest, Cyberfest, Bang Music Fest, and more.

Each member of SPACEMEN LIVE has a unique design imprinted on their face that reaches out and lures the followers into the peaceful sounds of their identities. When the music begins, individuals are immediately abducted and held captive for a full hour, under complete control. The intensity swells and repeats, and finally gets leveled out before SPACEMEN LIVE drops the boom and the room erupts into dance. There is no comparison to the style and quality of these alien beings; nothing short of enchanting from the beginning of the journey all the way to the return.

Prepare to be abducted. THE SPACEMEN ARE COMING!
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