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Bagless vs. bagged vacuum cleaners

Swimming in the vast ocean of different types of vacuums in the quest for the best vacuum cleaner in the world might make you a little tired from the upright to the cylinder, and from handheld to robotic. However, it doesnt stop there. You have to consider whether you want a bagged or the bagless vacuum. Both of these types have their own advantages and limitations; please carefully think which would be helpful for you.

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So, lets start looking at the various types of vacuum cleaners:

Bagless vacuum cleaner

The bagless vacuum cleaner has no bag inside; hence, it tends to run by having the filter in the dust canister for collecting the dust and hair. It uses cyclonic action for collecting the dust from the air and the dirt accumulates in the canister.


There are several advantages of these vacuum cleaners, which is beneficial for most users:

Price: normally, the bagless vacuum cleaners would be cheaper than the bagged one, because you dont need to buy the replaceable bags. Thus, if you are a tight budget, this is one of the practical choices for you.

Visibility: you can quickly see inside the vacuum and what you are collecting because it has a clear canister. Thus, it could be handy for ensuring that you dont suck up valuable small things.

Easy maintenance: because it is visible, you can easily see the canister inside if it is full or it is needed to be emptied.


Although you dont need to spend money on changing the bag, you need to fix or replace the filter if it breaks or gets damaged. It would be a little more expensive than the others. Thus, you need to be careful when using it.

Besides, when you clean the canister, you cannot be protected from the dust by anything. It would be a big problem if you are struggling with asthma or allergies. In case the cannister gets dropped, it can spill the contents all over and make a mess.

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Bagged vacuum cleaners

Unlike the bagless, this model, considered to be what is the highest rated vacuum cleaner, has a dust bag in the storage compartment of the vacuum to store dirt, hair, and others debris you may pick when you clean your house using a vacuum cleaner. The bag could be emptied and then put back or disposed of and replaced with another bag easily.


It is perfect for those who are allergy sufferers because it collects all dust and stores it in the bag. You dont need to worry anymore about asthma or allergies.

Easy to dispose of: With bagged vacuums, we do not need to care about the dirt that may spill and ruin the carpet when you start to open the bag to dispose of the content.


It is costly; you need to insert a new bag when the old one is full.

Poorer performance: You may notice a decrease in suction when the bag fills up.

Final thoughts

All Top best vacuum cleaners Thekinglivehope to create the best product to provide to users. From our comparison, it might now be a little clearer to you about the differences between bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. You should have an idea about the best vacuum cleaner for your house and your family. Dont forget to share your own experience with us to so that we can share and help some others.

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