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Singles Vs Couples

In Sydney, Sunday is thedayfor couples. You see them everywhere: having brunch, walking their dog, at the grocery store, and at the park. Somehow the city is made fortwo.I believe there are two types of people: couples and singles. I am a proud member of thelatter. Who said we are all meant to pair up in twos?

Many singles claim they are being discriminated against in a couple-oriented society. They claim that they do not get the same treatment and breaks as couples or families. Take for example Michael. He works in a busy law firm in the city. Michael is gay and singleand may I just sayfabulousbut he works in an all coupled environment. His boss expects him to work late and attend after hour social functions. Yet his married/de facto or coupled work colleagues have free reign when it comes to leaving early to pick up children or looking after partners. Desparate housewives, the gym or a facial can be just asimportantas a child or a spouse!

It is as though because I am single, my life outside of work is not as important, says Michael. Many of my single friends agree. We have all gotten the pity remark. You will find someone. I get many invitations addresses to myself and partner. Can we singles get a bit of R-E-S-P-E-C-Tsanspartners!

Discrimination is not just social but legal. And it is not just single gays that are affectedwe all know the pressures single women face to get married. Singles are not entitled to joint tax returns, cheaper rates for joining gyms and medical plans and as my friend John find out rates in hotel rooms! He recently checked into a Melbourne Hotel with a twin rate. When the hotel found out it was just him, it made him pay a higher singles rate!

And while we are at it...what is up with gay couples who go out to singles bars! If you already have a man, leave some for the rest of us. No double dipping!MEOW!Did I mentionsingles rage...

Some single groups are fighting for equality. In the USA alone there will be more than 90 million unmarried adults. In Australia, that number could be as high as 8 million. Australia is becoming a single majority nation. Maybe as singles start becoming an economic force, the couple led society will start listening!
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